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10 Best USB to Ethernet Adapters for Windows 10 Laptops (2020)

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After ditching the optical drive, laptops are now saying goodbye to the Ethernet port. There are many Windows 10 laptops such as Dell XPS, Asus Zenbook, HP Spectre, etc. that don’t come with the Ethernet port anymore. As the world is going wireless and devices getting thinner, it makes little sense to pack the big and bulky Ethernet port. However, there are times when the integrated WiFi adapter goes kaput and you are left with no option other than to tether your smartphone with laptop through USB. So, if you want Ethernet connectivity on your Windows 10 ultrabook then you have come to the right place. Here are the best USB to Ethernet adapters for Windows 10 laptops.

Best USB to Eth­er­net Adapters for Windows 10 Laptops

On this list, we have mentioned the top USB to Ethernet adapters for all kinds of Windows 10 laptops. First, we have enlisted USB-A to Ethernet adapters and then have included USB-C to Ethernet adapters. Based on the type of USB connector your laptop has, you can pick anyone from the list. Apart from that, we have also mentioned some great USB to Ethernet Adapters available in India.

USB-A to Ethernet Adapters

USB-C to Ethernet Adapters

USB-A to Ethernet Adapters for Windows Laptops

1. TP-Link UE300

If you are in the market looking for a USB-A to Ethernet adapter that is reliable and works with almost all Windows operating systems then TP-Link would be my first recommendation. It’s a gigabit ethernet adapter which means that it can handle network speed up to 1000Mbps (1Gbps), making your laptop as powerful as other laptops that feature integrated ethernet adapter.

For your information, the TP-Link ethernet adapter packs the Realtek RTL8153 Chipset which is known for its reliability. Not to mention, it’s compatible with USB 3.0 port which means you are going to get much faster data input and output.

Lastly, the adapter is easy to install and use. Just plug the ethernet adapter to your Windows 10 laptop and you are done. No hassle of finding and installing the correct driver. Simply put, the TP-Link USB to Ethernet Adapter ticks all the essential boxes and you should look no further.

2. Cable Matters

Cable Matters is another gigabit adapter that you can connect with USB-A port and make your computer Ethernet-capable. Similar to the TP-Link adapter, Cable Matters can also go up to 1Gbps and comes with a USB 3.0 connector. All this means is that you will have speedy network connectivity similar to an integrated ethernet port.

2. Cable Matters

Again, just like the TP-Link adapter, you need to plug the adapter and it will start working out of the box. No need to install any driver. And if you are one of those users who want the Wake on LAN (WoL) feature then the good news is that this adapter supports it. To sum up, Cable Matter is another great USB-A to ethernet adapter that you can rely on.

Buy from Amazon: $15.99 

3. Anker USB-A to Ethernet Adapter

As usual, Anker offers one of the best laptop accessories and in great style. The Anker Ethernet Adapter is not just about gigabit speed but also about how it looks. If you own an ultrabook like a Dell XPS which does not come with an ethernet port then you should go with Anker Ethernet Adapter.

3. Anker USB-A to Ethernet Adapter best usb to ethernet adapters

It’s covered in a Unibody Aluminum case and the sleek look makes it really appealing. Apart from the design, the adapter offers speed up to 1Gbps which is amazing. And on the hardware side, it uses the same Realtek RTL8153 chipset that is available on TP-Link.

What’s more, the Anker ethernet adapter is built on USB 3.0 standard so the performance will be top-notch. Considering all the points, the Anker Ethernet Adapter seems a great option and you should definitely take a look. In case, you want an all-in-one hub that has an ethernet port and 3 USB 3.0 ports then you can get it from the link below.

  • Buy from Amazon: $19.99 (Single)
  • Buy from Amazon: $25.99 (Hub)

4. AmazonBasics

As we all know, AmazonBasics makes some decent and affordable accessories for laptops, smartphones, and more. Here too, the company has brought a capable ethernet adapter that can make you Windows laptop a gigabit machine. Instead of the common Realtek chipset, it uses another reliable chip, ASIX AX88179.

4. AmazonBasics

It translates to better stability and great performance. The ethernet adapter can go up to 1Gbps so no matter what speed your internet connection offers, you are entirely covered.

Not to mention, the AmazonBasics Ethernet Adapter is built on USB 3.0 and is a plug-and-play device so no more driver hassles. To sum up, if you want a reliable USB-A to Ethernet Adapter then AmazonBasics is another good offering.

Buy from Amazon: $17.49


UGREEN is our final USB-A to Ethernet adapter on this list. It’s quite popular among Windows users who have older USB standards. By the way, the USB 3.0 standard is backward compatible with older standards as well. It sure does not bring gigabit speed and features the older USB 2.0 port, but can easily go up to 100Mbps.


The adapter also comes with an activity LED which is great for quickly checking the internet status. What’s more, Wake on LAN is also available on UGREEN. To conclude, if you want a tried and tested USB to Ethernet adapter then UGREEN has you covered.

Buy from Amazon: $16.49

USB-C to Ethernet Adapters for Windows 10 Laptops

6. Anker USB-C to Ethernet Adapter

Anker would be my first recommendation for users who want a solid USB-C to Ethernet adapter. It is almost identical to the one we have discussed above. The only difference is that it comes with a USB-C connector and the above one features the USB-A connector. The adapter can output speed up to 1Gbps which is nothing sort of amazing.

6. Anker USB-C to Ethernet Adapter best usb to ethernet adapters

It utilizes the USB 3.0 Type-C connector to bump up the performance even more. For new-gen Windows 10 laptops that come with multiple Type-C ports, I would say, the USB-C to Ethernet Adapter is a much better pick.

And it goes without saying that you don’t need any drivers to use the adapter. Just plug it and play. All in all, the Anker USB-C to Ethernet adapter is a great value, packed in a sleek aluminum unibody.

Buy from Amazon: $17.99

7. TP-Link UE300C

Looking to buy a USB-C to Ethernet adapter in India? Well, TP-Link has brought the extension of UE300 that we have discussed above, but with a Type-C connector. It has the same design, same performance (up to 1000Mbps), and the same foldable body. Even the chipset is Realtek 8153 so you can expect great performance.

7. TP-Link UE300C

Not to forget, the USB-C connector is built on USB 3.0 standard so that is also commendable. And for the price of Rs. 1099, you simply can’t beat this given that it also offers plug and play functionality. So all I would say is, TP-Link UE300C is the best USB-C to Ethernet adapter that you can buy in India. Just go ahead without any second thoughts.

Buy from Amazon: Rs. 1099 (India)

8. Aukey

Aukey is another great accessory maker that offers USB-C to Ethernet adapter for Windows Ultrabooks. It has a sturdy design and comes with LED indicators. You can easily get the status of your internet connectivity by just a quick look at the adapter. In addition, the Aukey USB-C to Ethernet adapter supports speed up to 1Gbps which is just great.

8. Aukey best usb to ethernet adapters

Coming to the internals, well, it packs in the Realtek RTL8153 chipset which is quite solid. Lastly, the Aukey adapter does not need manual installation of drivers and you can start using it on your Windows laptop just after plugging it. That’s quite seamless, right? So to sum up, Aukey offers one of the best USB-C to Ethernet adapters in a sturdy body and you simply can’t go wrong with it.

Buy from Amazon: $12.99

9. Uni

Next on the list is Uni Type-C to Ethernet adapter. The USB-C connector is based on the USB 3.0 standard which is not bad at all. By the way, USB 3.1 and 3.2 on Windows laptops are anyway scarce at this point. The download speed can go up to 1Gbps, but you need to use a Cat6 cable over the common RJ45 one.

9. Uni

What I like about Uni USB-C to Ethernet adapter is that it comes in a braided nylon design which makes it quite durable and that is what you need for something as essential as the internet. If you own the latest Dell XPS or Surface Book then I would highly recommend the Uni adapter to facilitate ethernet capability through the USB-C port.

Finally, the Uni adapter is a plug-and-play device so that is awesome. To sum up, if you want a durable USB-C to Ethernet adapter for Windows 10 laptop then Uni is the one you should pick. Apart from that, if you want a USB hub that comes with an ethernet port and multiple USB 3.0 ports then you can take a look at the Uni USB-C Hub.

  • Buy from Amazon: $15.29 (Single)
  • Buy from Amazon: $17.99 (Hub)

10. QGeeM

QGeeM is our final entrant on this list and it brings gigabit speed in a durable design and at an affordable price. It comes in a braided nylon design which is good for extra longevity and also for non-slip usage. Next, you have an aluminum case that covers the Type-C connector and the body that houses the RJ45 connector and the chipset. Overall, it’s a premium adapter that can go with any Windows 10 laptop.

10. QGeeM best usb to ethernet adapters

Coming to the performance, you can get speed up to 1000Mbps which is really great, especially at this price point. That said, keep in mind, you need to use a Cat6 cable to hit the 1Gbps mark. Anyway, considering the affordable price, QGeeM is a pretty good USB-C to Ethernet adapter and you can give it a shot.

Buy from Amazon: $9.99

List of Popular Laptops that Don’t Come with Ethernet Port

  • Dell XPS 13
  • Dell XPS 15
  • Microsoft Surface Laptop
  • Microsoft Surface Book
  • Razer Blade Stealth
  • Razer Blade 15
  • HP Spectre x360
  • HP Envy 13
  • Asus ZenBook 13
  • Lenovo Yoga C940
  • Acer Swift 3

The point is that if your have purchases any 13-inch or 15-inch laptop in the past two years, you are going to need an Ethernet connector.

Make Your Windows 10 Laptop Ethernet-capable

So those are our picks for the best USB to Ethernet adapters available in the market. We have tried to include all kinds of adapters at different price points. If you have a slightly higher budget then you can go for the hub which also brings additional USB 3.0 ports. Anyway, that is all from us. If you are looking for more USB Type-C accessories for your Windows laptop or Ethernet Adapters for MacBook Pro and Air Devices, then go through our list.

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