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3 Trending Topics To Blog About And Make Money

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all those blogs about cat memes in the early 2000’s? Those made a lot of money.
Could they make money now? Probably not.

trends change quickly so what worked then won’t work now. You have to be on the
lookout for what is gaining traction as a topic and areas where you can break
in early.

this article, I will go over several areas that are ripe to be blogged about so
you can make some money.


Cryptocurrency has been around for about a decade now and blogs about hot coins to buy are nothing new.

there is still room for another blog to find an audience and make money.
Because there are so many new coins cropping up all the time, there is plenty
to write about that hasn’t already been written.

If you have your finger on the pulse of the latest coins, then you can make some nice inroads in this niche. There is good money to be made with very generous programs like the Bitcoin affiliate program that pays out up to 50% on each transaction.

Security of
cryptocurrency is always on people’s minds so writing from that angle is
probably going to get some traffic.


bicycling niche could be considered very oversaturated. Yet, opportunities
abound if you look closely.

cities are adding bike lanes and are becoming more bike friendly. That means
more people in the market for bikes and accessories.

are two trending topics regarding bicycles. One is the folding bike. Many
people are looking to commute by bike and train and taking a folding bike on
board is an ideal solution.

other is the e-bike or the bicycle that has a battery so you don’t have to
pedal so much. These bikes are also excellent means to commute distances that
would be too long if you had to use pure leg power.

there is the trend of bikepacking. This is like backpacking, but you are taking
your bike along for the trip.

you can see there are still plenty of ways to make money in a saturated niche.


This is a topic that many travel bloggers will tell you to steer well clear of. There are so many travel blogs it would be difficult to get through the clutter.

is a way to make it work though and oddly it doesn’t involve any traveling. You
can blog about where you live. You are already an expert and can help guide
people to discover the hidden gems of your area.

can make it a “where to eat in your city” blog. Maybe there are some ghost
stories about local cemeteries that would make an interesting place to visit
and you would be the local expert on the matter.

of being the blogger that is traveling the world, be the one that is the person
people look to for helpful information about your neck of the woods.

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