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360 Camera and 5 Best Cameras – Linux Hint

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360-degree imagery is here for users of cameras and smartphones. The 360-degree cameras are impressive because they offer unmatched quality in high-resolution imagery. The new camera includes multiple means of shooting a variety of images also using new options for editing.The 360-degree camera can be placed anywhere to capture a surrounding expanse, a leap from the traditional focal point on a single object. This feature is the basis for the new label: the ‘omnidirectional camera.’

Companies making the 360-Degree camera include: Insta360, V360, and 360 fly, offering a range of different models. The method of composing and attaching multiple images into one has been known for years, but was never before assembled as it is in this new design.

Unlike the traditional camera which takes images in a one-dimensional rectangular shape, the 360 degree image places you inside a sphere encircling your subject matter as if you are standing in a bubble.

The 360-degree camera uses two different lenses which can capture video in alternate directions. Each lens consists of a 180-degree angle. Once the image is captured, the camera stitches both images together making one 360-degree circular image. For photo directors capturing a 3D image is easy but displaying it is difficult, as it requires added software, VR gear, or streaming mechanics in order to display the imagery. Developers have tried for a long time to advance the 360-degree camera for commercial use. R&D research continues development efforts.

360-degree imagery is more common in our day to day lives than you often realize. Google maps allows you to see surrounding parts of a specific site. Security cameras operate in a similar fashion. Social and dating apps are beginning to offer lite and entertaining opportunities.

Five leading 360 cameras are:

  1. GoPro Max
  2. Kandao QooCam 8K 360
  3. Insta 360 ONE R Twin Edition
  4. Insta 360 ONE X
  5. Vuza XR

GoPro Max

The GOPro Max 360-degree camera offers versatile usage. Just record and edit in its application. The Max offers superior picture quality, microphones, and the capability to switch between vlogging and action modes.

Pros :

  • Comes with an editing app
  • Inexpensive
  • Good at stabilization
  • Great audio recording
  • Waterproof


Available now at: Amazon

Kandao QooCam 8K 360

This 360 degree camera promises great satisfaction as an addition to your camera collection considering its high-quality. Its name indicates 8K resolution, ensuring quality. The color and clarity of the images is high caliber. Alternately, the fan tends to be noisy and the battery is problematic. For the buyer it is an expensive purchase, which is also not waterproof.


  • 8k recording capability
  • 4k at 120fps for slow-mo


  • Not waterproof
  • Loud fans
  • Expensive
  • Short Battery Life

Available now at: Amazon

Insta 360 ONE R Twin Edition

The Insta 360 ONE R is appealing, known as a Twin Edition since it houses two cameras in one, and two lenses easily exchangeable. One camera is capable of shooting videos as images at 360, while the other one can shoot as a 4K-action camera. It is water-resistant up to a 5m depth.


  • Vlog friendly
  • Dual lens option, 4k, and 360 lens


  • Not a good option for low light recording
  • Causes motion blur in faster movements
  • Very small touch screen

Available now at: Amazon

Insta 360 ONE X

This 360-degree camera is small enough to fit in your shirt pocket. Its features include: an up-to-date option for editing film on your phone, a 6-axis gyro system with stabilization, low and bright light adjustments while shooting. It also comes with an invisible selfie stick which will disappear in the video. Considering that there are many cameras available with better quality, graphics, and waterproofing, this model seems best for traveling and casual use.


  • Small and slim design
  • Great stabilization
  • Easy to carry


  • Short Battery Life
  • Bad image quality

Available now at: Amazon

Vuze XR

This camera shoots pictures/videos at both the 360-degree and 180-degree settings. Switching between modes is simple. Vuze XR is one of the inexpensive 360 cameras. It also features: built-in image stitching option and a built-in handgrip. On the downside Vuze XR is neither water resistant nor waterproof and would require a separate waterproof case for underwater usage.


  • Dual modes 360 and 180 degree
  • Inexpensive
  • Great footage quality


  • Editing app is not remarkable
  • Poor battery life
  • Not waterproof

Available now at: Amazon


Now commercially available, the 360-degree camera offers an expanded blend with the growing use of virtual reality in many fields. This new 360-degree camera is an exciting advancement in the combined fields of photography and technology as they are developing today.

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