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6 Best Ad Blocker for Android Devices in 2020 (Updated)

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Ad blocker is one of the important utility which helps to get rid of the annoying ads in your android devices.

Advertisements are everywhere, thanks to the digital transformation that’s happening across the world.

Ads can help or annoy users based on their interest in it.

With digitalization, laptops and smartphones have become the default platforms for product and service promotions.

Is AdBlock safe?

add block apps are absolutely safe to use in your android phone to stop the annoying ads that sometimes lead to install malware on your Android mobile.

so Adblock apps are highly recommended to install in your Android device and permanently stop them

Annoying the users is one fact but it also diverts users from their actual routines, thus reducing the productivity overall.

So it’s better to employ Ad blocker to stay clean of these anonymous ads.

In this article, we’ll be discussing the top five best ad blocker for Android devices and in what way they are beneficial.

Which is the best free ad blocker?

Here the Top 5 best free ad blocker for android to stop and block the annoying ads.

  1. AdLock 
  2. Ad Blocker Browser
  3. AppBrain
  4. AdAway
  5. AdGuard
  6. AdBlock Plus

1. AdLock 

Ad Blocker

AdLock is top of this list and one of the best adblocker when it comes to blocking the aggressive and annoying ads in your android device.

AdLock is available for Android, Windows, Chrome, platforms to blocks advertising in web browsers, games, instant messengers, and other applications.

Blocking annoying ads has given a lot of advantages your valuable time, increases the speed of page loading most importantly privacy.

Also, AdLock using a local VPN to filter the traffic and block the request related to phishing or malicious ads that generate a lot of revenue by trick users to click on it.

You can try AdLock on a trial basis for 14 days and get extra 30 free days if you register, later you can purchase an activation code for further usage and experience the ad-free surfing.  

2. Ad Blocker Browser

Ad Blocker

Free AdBlocker browser will help users escape the ads by killing any advertisement that is trying to get placed on your browsers

Apart from that, it can restrict video ads as well, along with restraints over browser monitoring.

It will take care of annoying AdBlock chrome and firefox, trackers, malware, virus, phishing scams, save your mobile data and offer complete privacy for browsing.

Free Adblocker has proven to load websites faster than Chrome and FireFox, please check the same below.


Ad Blocker

AppBrain helps in detecting the ads and restrict the same from appearing on your browsers providing complete privacy to the users.

AppBrain does not dismantle anything from the android device, but if it detects ads then AppBrain gets kick-started, allowing users to understand the advertisement network like Adwhirl, Millennial Media, Tapjoy, Mobclix and more.

It can also take care of unwanted push notifications that happen on your notifications bar.

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Ad Blocker

AdAway is another good option against Ads for your android devices.

This is quite more than just an Ad Blocker, and works only for the rooted users.

This app redirects and removes pop-ups, advertisements, and other gaming pop-ups too.

Also comes with a whitelist option to take care of the contents that are being displayed. Very effective ad blocker tool for Android devices.

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5. AdGuard

Ad Blocker

Browsers showing ads can be avoided using an ad/popup blocker, and when it comes to android Adguard is the best of them all.

It takes care of all the ads and offers clean and ad-free browsing to the end- users.

Another perk of AdGuard is it can block the ads in mobile games as well. Other features like firewall configurations, security against malware and phishing scams, and above all it comes with an inbuilt VPN system.

However, this app is not available in the play store now, and users need to download the same from their website.

AdGuard is also offering a content blocker for android, you can download the same from the Play Store.

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6. AdBlock Plus

Ad Blocker

AdBlock Plus is the most famous one among the five and works both on rooted and non-rooted devices.

This App is more like an extension and runs in the background. Adblock Plus is very easy to set up, download it, install it like an extension and it takes care of the ads all by itself in the background without any manual interactions.

Favorite picks would be AdBlock Plus and AdGuard.

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What difference does Ad Blocker bring in?

There are three main reasons users must employ a Ad Blocker while they are browsing, will discuss them one by one.

  • Privacy
  • Productivity
  • Security


When users are exposed to anonymous ads while they browse, first they lose their privacy as their browsing history is being used to manipulate and influence their purchase decisions, without their consent at times.

Unknown ads are being shown and this breaches users privacy big time.


An employee at work can easily get diverted when exposed to ads that are attractive and influential.

This can affect the productivity of an organization if more employees fall victim with ads and reason would be they were exposed to these ads in the first place without proper ad blocker in place.


After privacy and productivity, users should be aware of the malware, spyware, and adware that can infiltrate system through anonymous ads, or freeware that is being displayed as pop-ups.

Ads once clicked can automatically trigger a command & control server configurations, thus utilizing the vulnerability in your system to deploy the malware into that particular system.

Advantages of Ad Blocker

With the right ad blocker for your devices, you can improve your productivity and escape the anonymous bunch of ads on the web.

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