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Tuesday, January 19, 2021

75 lakh Total War Troy game copies sold in a single day

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Game publishers Sega and Feral Interactive would never have thought people would show such a level of interest in A Total War Saga: Troy, even after it was made free. A Total War Saga: Troy, the latest game in the real time strategy franchise Total War, was made free for 24 hours on the Epic Games Store this week. And guess what, about 7.5 million (75 lakh) copies were grabbed by people, as per a report by mmorpg.com.
In these COVID times, game companies have been offering their games at massive discounts and every now and then, they also make some old games free for a limited time. But A Total War Saga Troy is not an old game; it was made free the day it was launched, which some may think of it as the publishers not thinking straight. 75 lakh free copies looks like a waste as far as revenue is concerned, but it also shows that people are willing to play a Total War game. The sales show that there is a huge interest, atleast. Besides, the Total War franchise is an old one and one of the favourite haunt of gamers who love grand war strategies and real-time bloodbath play out in the virtual battlefields from whichever angle they want. From the looks of it, Troy selling 7.5 million copies is only going to add more players to the game. The game’s originally priced at $31.49 (about Rs 2,356).
With A Total War Saga: Troy, developers Creative Assembly and Feral Interactive have shifted the focus on the Trojan War. Hector, prince of Troy, takes a stand against King Menelaus.who comes with his fleet and lays siege to the city of Troy to take his wife Helen back who has eloped with Paris, Hector’s kid brother.

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