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Thursday, January 28, 2021

Adobe confirms Lightroom iOS photos erased, users can’t recover them

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NEW DELHI: Recently, Adobe rolled out an update for its Lightroom app on iPhone and iPad. With the new update, the company meant to fix earlier bugs and also bring improvements to the app. Instead of improving the user experience, the new update turned out to be nightmarish for many users.
After the update, many users were not able to find their photos and presets in the cloud. In fact, all their photos and presets disappeared from there. The Lightroom users took to Photoshop feedback forums to complain about the bug.
Adobe has now acknowledged the issue and the company also posted a response on Photoshop feedback forums. The company posted, “We are aware that some customers who updated to Lightroom 5.4.0 on iPhone and iPad may be missing photos and presets that were not synced to the Lightroom cloud.”
The company also released a statement in which it mentioned that the users who have lost their photos because of the update will not be able to restore them. “Installing version 5.4.1 will not restore missing photos or presets for customers affected by the problem introduced in 5.4.0. We know that some customers have photos and preset that is not recoverable. We know how frustrating and upsetting this will be to people affected and we sincerely apologise” reads, the official statement.
Recently, Adobe posted a Photoshop desktop feature to iPad. The feature is called Refine Edge Brush allows users to refine the border area of an image or object. Refine Edge Brush is usually used by Photoshop users to bring additional refinement to their photos by adding additional precision to the border area. The tool also comes in handy while separating the foreground from background in case where editors are looking to change the overall background of an image.

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