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Monday, January 18, 2021

amazon alexa: Amazon Alexa gets new privacy controls: How to use them on your smart speakers

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At its recent hardware event, Amazon launched its 2020 product lineup that includes new Echo devices, Fire Stick, Ring cameras, Eero devices and more. Along with this, the company also announced new privacy controls for Alexa, the smart voice assistant that powers its smart speakers. Users can now configure their Amazon smart speakers in a way that it never saves their voice recordings. So far, users could choose to auto delete their recordings after 2 or 18 months. Here’s how you can set the new privacy controls:


Open Alexa app on your smartphone


Head to ‘More’ menu from the bottom ribbon


Now, open ‘Settings’ and head to ‘Alexa Privacy’ option


Here tap on ‘Manage Your Alexa Data’


Tap on ‘Automatically delete recordings’ option and choose the option ‘Do not save recordings’

Amazon still has the option to delete the recordings one-by-one, date range, by Alexa-enabled device and all the recordings at once. Under Automatically delete recordings option, Alexa also offers the option to keep your recordings saved for 3 months and 18 months or choose to delete them manually.
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Manage Alexa privacy using voice commands

Expanding its privacy voice controls introduced last year, Amazon has added a couple of new privacy voice commands that allows users to delete their voice recordings, ask Alexa to review their privacy settings and also about any privacy-related questions. Let’s see how this works:

Command 1: Alexa, delete everything I’ve said

This command will delete all the voice recordings associated with the respective Amazon account.

Command 2: Alexa, how do I review my privacy settings?

Alexa will send a direct link in the Alexa app that will redirect users to Alexa Privacy Settings. Here users can review their privacy settings and make the necessary changes that’s best for them.

Command 3: Alexa, how do I manage my data?

Alexa can now answer questions like this. Users can now ask Alexa about how to manage their data stored on Amazon accounts and more.

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