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Wednesday, January 27, 2021

Amazon Alexa app on mobile now gets Hindi support

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Amazon voice assistant Alexa now speaks to Android and iOS users in Hindi through the app. The company is finally offering support for the local language in the country. This comes almost 12 months after Alexa was able to speak in Hindi via the Echo range of smart speakers. Amazon has looked to compete with Google in the country, by localising its set of features, as well as add language support. It’s likely that after Hindi, the company will add more languages to Alexa, making it even more appealing for users in the country. Also Read – Spotify finally comes to Amazon Alexa in India; Here is everything we know

Amazon claims that over the past year it has added 60 new features to Alexa for the market. It has also come across significant improvement in the speech recognition ability of the voice assistant. And to make the language more useful with Alexa, the company has added over 1,000 Hindi Skills for users. Also Read – Amazon Echo Show 8 launched in India: Price, release date, features, and other details

You can change the language for Alexa app on your smartphone now. Head over to the Settings on the App, click on Language and then you can select between English and Hindi. Alexa app is used to control smart devices like the Amazon Echo series. It is also available as the default voice assistant on select smartphones in the country. While it’s good to see Amazon finally expanding its local approach, the company still has a long way to catch up with Google. The search giant has largely benefited from its presence in the country for many years, allowing them to localise at a faster pace. Amazon will be looking to replicate similar changes in the coming years. Also Read – Amazon Alexa now supports multi-lingual mode: All you need to know

Amazon brings Amitabh Bachchan voice to Alexa

The company has introduced the popular Bollywood actor’s voice to its Alexa ecosystem. Amitabh Bachchan has became the first celebrity in India to have a voice experience with Amazon Alexa. You will be able to hear their voice and give commands by saying “Alexa, say hello to Amitabh Bachchan” in your Alexa device.

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