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amazon app quiz: Amazon app quiz September 11, 2020: Get answers to these five questions to win Samsung Galaxy Buds+ for free

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Daily app quiz on amazon is now live. In today’s quiz, participants stand a chance to win the Samsung Galaxy Buds+ for free. To become eligible for the prize, they have to answer all questions of the quiz correctly. There is usually one winner of the quiz who is selected via lucky draw.
Results of today’s quiz will be announced later today. For those unaware, Amazon app quiz starts daily at 8am and runs through 12pm. It is an app only quiz and is available on the mobile app only.
Here are five questions that can help you win Samsung Galaxy Buds+ for free.

  1. Skyroot Aerospace became the first successful Indian private company to build a homegrown rocket engine. Who was the rocket named after?
    CV Raman
  2. Renowned poet Rahat Indori who recently passed away was known for his contributions to the poetry of which language?
  3. Pandit Jasraj, the legendary Indian classical vocalist, who recently passed away, belonged to which gharana?
    Mewati Gharana
  4. Who did Joe Biden name as his running mate for Vice President in the US Presidential race?
    Kamala Harris
  5. In which of these countries do brothers serve as President and Prime Minister?
    Sri Lanka

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