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Saturday, January 23, 2021

Android Generic Project Is Trying To Port Custom ROMs To PCs

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Some of you may have heard of BlissOS: an open-source project that enables a full Android experience on your PC. It’s similar to using an Android emulator, and is among many Android x86 based projects that bring Android OS on PCs.

The team behind the BlissOS project has now come up with something new and unheard of. BlissOS developers have built a toolkit that would allow developers to port their favorite Android custom ROMs for PCs.

The team is calling it the “Android-Generic Project.” According to XDA Developers, the BlissOS developers have revised their build scripts so that ROM developers can integrate their custom ROM code on any x86 PC.

Jon West, a BlissOS team member, posted a video on Twitter showcasing Dirty Unicorn running on PC made possible by Android Generic toolkit.

XDA notes that a smart pre-patch phase has been introduced to remove any redundant patches from different custom ROMs. Once this step is complete, the build will be enough to create one vendor repo which can be cloned into the ASOP (Android open source project).

Apart from the BlissOS team, several other custom ROM developers have come forward and have begun developing their builds for the PC. Pixel Experience, Vanilla AOSP, Tesla OS and CarbonROM are among them. It won’t be long before the custom ROM community will be enjoying their favourite custom ROM on their PC.

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