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Saturday, January 16, 2021

Apple, Google, Amazon and 25 other technology companies that support lawsuit against new H-1B visa rules

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Over 40 US companies, universities and associations have joined hands to file an amicus brief that supports lawsuits against the Trump administration’s new H-1B visa regulations. These companies claim that the rules will hurt technology companies most.

“Defendants cannot demonstrate the “good cause” required to finalize rules without prior notice and comment, as they did with respect to the DHS and DOL Rules. They rely on the overall unemployment rate at the onset of the pandemic, but most H-1B employees work in the information technology sector, where the unemployment rate is extremely low, and there is a long-recognized lack of US workers to fill available jobs,”say these companies in their argument. “…the new Rules will irreparably injure companies and the entire US economy by forcing businesses to discharge current employees—disrupting ongoing projects and imposing significant costs, and in some cases forcing companies to transfer work to locations outside the United States,” the filing further warns.

Here are names of the 28 US technology companies that are protesting against the new H-1B visa rules.

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