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Tuesday, January 19, 2021

Apple ropes in Google Project Zero security researcher to make iOS safer

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Google Project Zero security researcher Brandon Azad is moving to Apple to boost iOS security and also pay attention to other Apple platforms. For those unaware, Project Zero is tasked with discovering zero-day vulnerabilities at Google. This team of security experts also focuses on finding cybersecurity issues at other big tech companies as well.
Azad is recognised for his work on securing iOS and macOS. Recently, the Project Zero team disclosed zero-click bugs impacting all Apple platforms. Azad has worked on patch notes for securing iOS and macOS for a while and at Apple he will help in finding and fixing issues before security experts from the likes of Project Zero points out.
“It’s with both bittersweet sadness and excitement that I say goodbye to Project Zero, as I’ll be joining Apple next week to continue my work improving Apple device security. My time at Project Zero has been amazing, and it’s been an honor to share in this wonderful mission,” Azad tweeted.
As far as the zero-click bugs that had impacted Apple platforms, the Project Zero team found out that the issue was related to image parsing API, the ImageIO framework which is a part of all the Apple operating systems — iOS, macOS, watchOS and tvOS. The team had alerted Apple beforehand and Apple issued a fix in January 2020.
Having said that in August it was reported that the issue has affected the popular messaging apps. The Google Project Zero team reverse engineered popular messaging apps and applied fuzzing techniques to check how these codes work and reported that these codes do not require any user-interaction to execute the code on the target system. The team also recommended Apple to implement an aggressive attack-surface reduction in its OS libraries.

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