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Saturday, January 16, 2021

Apple Watch Series 3 users are not happy with watchOS 7 update

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Apple released the watchOS 7 last week, alongwith the new Apple Watch Series 6 and the Apple Watch SE. The new OS added new watch features like support for sleep tracking and others. The Cupertino-based tech giant is also continuing to sell the Apple Watch Series 3. However, as per a report by 9to5mac, the Apple Watch Series 3 users aren’t happy with the watchOS 7, with several complaints having been lodged via Apple support forums.
Of all the complaints, one of the most prevalent one is the Apple Watch Series 3 rebooting multiple times a day with the watchOS 7 installed. Some have gone so far as to call the watchOS 7 update as the “buggiest update”.
A user says: “My series 3 completed an auto update overnight to Watch OS7. Today it has shut itself down at least 3 times, locked itself while on my wrist about 4 times, failed to load complications on multiple faces (weather, activity rings, date etc), disconnected from my phone at least twice. It has also dropped to less than 50% battery in about 8 hours, normally it is still in the 80’s. Is anyone else having these issues? This has been the buggiest upgrade I have seen.”
Once you upgrade the Apple Watch to a new OS, like watchOS 7 here, you cannot revert to the previous iteration of the OS. Since some of the issues regarding Watch Series 3 having trouble with the new OS have surfaced on the support forums of Apple, the tech giant is expected to take note and address the issue occurring with the Apple Watch Series 3.

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