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Tuesday, January 19, 2021

Apple Watch Series 7 could get MicroLED display panels

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US-based tech giant Apple could implement a new display technology in a future generation of its wearables. We’re actually talking about the Apple Watch Series 7, which we could see a launch in 2021. As per a new report by Digitimes, the seventh-gen Apple Watch could feature a microLED display panel. Also Read – Apple watchOS 7 Public Beta released with several new features; Here’s how to install it

These new MicroLED panels will be thinner and will also consume lesser power than the LCD and OLED panels in use on smartwatches right now. Talking of saving some battery juice, the thinner screens on the MicroLED panels will mean the Apple Watch can now have a slightly bigger battery in the body, while holding the same size footprint, further increasing the battery life. Also Read – Apple Watch users to get new feature-packed Google Maps soon

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The report comes after Apple reportedly paid Taiwan-based AU Optronics a sum of USD 330 million for MicroLED panels of 20-25 microns. As per the report, the manufacturer will be making displays of Apple devices including the iPhone, iPad, MacBook, and more. Also Read – Apple Watch 6 could get smaller battery than Watch 5

Apple Watch gets watchOS 7

In other news, Apple also recently released the first public beta of watchOS 7. This preliminary version can be downloaded from the Apple beta program website, which you must sign up first if you want to enter the testing phase. Keep in mind, however, that the operating system is still under development, so there could be glitches and performance issues with your Apple Watch.

WatchOS 7, despite not being a significant leap from the previous version, integrates several interesting new features. For example, you can use watch faces designed by third-party developers. Training now boasts Dance activities such as Cardio Dance or Hip-Hop, among other styles. The watch can identify your arms’ movements and the body’s vertical position to check that your exercise is correct.

However, one of the new features of WatchOS 7 is sleep-analysis. After being one of the most requested functions by users, sleep measurement finally reaches the wearable. The function also helps machine learning to check that you are asleep. And if the above were not enough, the OS can now alert users to wash their hands for 20 seconds.

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