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Tuesday, January 19, 2021

Apple Watch users to get new feature-packed Google Maps

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Apple Watch users will be delighted to know the Google Maps app for the popular wearable series is headed back to the store shelves. The new Google Maps is on its way with a bunch of new features and will be a worthy alternative to Apple Maps. Also Read – Apple Watch 6 could get smaller battery than Watch 5

The original Google Maps app was taken down for the Apple Watch about three years ago. Back then, Google had promised that it would support the Apple Watch once again in the future, although nobody expected it to take this long. Also Read – Apple Watch detects heart disease missed by Hospital in 80-year old patient

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The new Google Maps app for watchOS will come with features that go toe-to-toe with Apple Maps. There will be turn by turn directions, right on your wrist. Users will now also have transit/transport times along with other information, displayed right on the watch. Directions for walking, cycling, driving, and transit are all supported. Also Read – Apple Watch Series 6 may feature mental health-related features, Touch ID and more

New Google Maps features for Apple Watch

Apple Watch users will also be able to start navigating to their favorite locations. Also, they will now be able to simply search for places on their iPhone and then take directions from the Watch. Google also may or may not make use of the taptic engine to deliver quick directions without users having to look at their wrist.

Whether this feature is implemented or not in the new Google Maps, remains to be seen. The neat feature is present on Apple Maps, though. The app delivers subtle hints to users via the wrist to let them know which way to turn at say, an intersection. This helps pedestrians and cyclists to navigate without taking their eyes off the road as frequently.

Apple Watch 6 could get smaller battery than Watch 5

What other new features come with the new and improved Google Maps remains to be seen. The improvement will come as another milestone for the Apple Watch series which now is considered one of the best lineup of wearables out there, complete with its own App Store and unique features.

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