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Best Battery Saver Apps for Android 2020 – Linux Hint

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It doesn’t matter how big the battery in the smartphone is; it doesn’t last as much as we want it to. Modern-day Android smartphones come with large batteries, but with the apps with heavy uses and especially in background and hardcore gaming, battery drains faster than normal. Network fluctuations may affect one of the problems causing faster draining of battery.

Battery life also depends on the different usage patterns of each and every mobile phone user. So there are many battery saver and performance booster apps for Android smartphones. So get ready to keep your Android phone battery charged for longer with these battery saver apps I’m going to share with you today.

Kaspersky Battery Life: Saver & Booster

Kaspersky is a pioneer in device security, and its battery life app is one of the most top rated battery optimization apps for Android phones on Google Play Store. This app will not only help you improve the battery life of the mobile device but also it helps your mobile keep away with the constant need for charging.

This app is optimized brilliantly that it looks out for apps that are consuming more energy than normal and pushes you the notification asking if you want to halt the application. Also, it keeps watching on apps running in the background and makes sure no app drains too much battery juice.

Apart from that, it constantly monitors your device battery and gives you an accurate prediction of the remaining battery life in hours and minutes. As you can notice in the above screenshots, it also gives you statistics and forecasts in detail for better battery optimization.



AccuBattery is a battery optimization app offered by Digibites for Android phones. This app helps monitor battery health and performance using science. Long-lasting battery life is still a dream of many mobile phones, and on top of that, if you’re gamer and play games like PUBG mobile, then usually, your device’s battery drains faster than normal.

So, you need long-lasting battery life without the need to recharging the battery regularly all day to play your favorite mobile games. This app not only protects battery health but also displays battery usage information and measures actual battery capacity based on science.

This app pushes charge alarm whenever your mobile device battery needs charging and also calculates and displays how much battery wear was endured during the last charging session. It also shows battery consumption per app and discharge speed.

This app also comes with pro features, which include Dark and AMOLED Black themes to save more battery life, access to battery sessions older than one day, and detailed battery statistics in phone notifications.



Greenify is another popular battery saver app ever since it is first launched in Jan 2013 for Android phones. The best thing about this app is it stops apps from opening automatically in the background and draining battery juice.

Greenify comes with in-app engines such as Aggressive Doze and Doze on the Go to improve battery and device performance. You don’t need to have root access to enable these features on your Android phone.

It identifies apps with uncommon behavior and prevents them from using an extra battery and slowing down mobile performance. This is a lightweight app with so many features and promising performance when it comes to improving battery life.


Green Battery – Power Saver Free, VPU Better

Another battery booster app on our list that not only helps improve battery life but also its charging speed. The app is well known for its accurate display of battery status and remaining time on your phone.

With a single tap, you get the list of apps consuming more battery life than normal and suggestions for apps to be closed to save battery. With options to adjust the screen brightness, screen on time, and Bluetooth settings, it helps you to improve phone standby time.

The advanced power-saving feature automatically detects apps running in the background, stops, and prevents them from automatically starting up. Also, charging boost features helps to boost battery charging speed effectively. Memory clean up features also help improve phone performance as it closes unneeded apps.


Battery Saver & Charge Optimizer – Flip $ Save

Flip your Android mobile phone to save its battery life; that’s how this battery saver app works according to app developers. The app analyzes phone battery charging data and provides you the information about the remaining battery life on your phone.

It also shows the usage and performance pattern of the battery so that you can optimize the battery performance on your smartphone. With one click, you can save battery power and optimize battery consumption patterns.

There are two ways to start saving your phone battery by using this app. One is by flipping down your phone, and second is by going to saving mode settings choose mobile functions to turn on/off to improve battery life.


There are many other handfuls of battery saver apps for Android phones, but all cannot be trusted in terms of reliability and protecting your phone’s battery. So I have listed the best 5 battery saver apps in terms of overall user experience and their performance on Android phones from various vendors such as Nokia, Samsung, and Xiaomi.

So feel free to share your views with us on the above apps or any other battery saver app you’re using on Android phones at @LinuxHint and @SwapTirthakar.

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