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Best Books for Kali Linux – Linux Hint

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Kali Linux is an operating system (OS) from the Linux family. This OS facilitates penetration-testing, along with digital forensics. Kali is developed and maintained by offensive security and has nearly 600 built-in testing tools that facilitate programming. Kali also provides a credential for white hat hacking. Its most recent update is quite reliable and is easily accessible. To strengthen your digital security, it is preferable to use Kali Linux to get a grasp of the true strength of your system. It delivers efficient functionality regarding computer forensics, which helps in the detection of risks to your electronic device.

To gain a better understanding of the functionality of Kali Linux, there are several books that provide guidance for learning the relevant commands and information. These books are categorized into two primary segments. One segment contains books that help you in grasping the concept of hacking. The other segment includes books that will aid you in getting to the core of the Kali Linux OS. This article provides a list of some of the best books available on the subject of Kali Linux that will help you gain a better understanding of this system.

Linux Basics for Hackers

If you are a beginner and simply want to learn more about hacking in Kali Linux, this book is the most suitable one for you. The focus of this book is on hacking, and other subjects featured in the book include networking, scripting, and security. This book ensures that the concepts are explained in a very basic format. So, beginners can understand the basic information without any issues. This book uses the Linux distribution with the perspective of hackers and elaborates on the operating process of Kali Linux. The book constitutes 17 chapters, and each chapter can help you in getting more familiar with the operations of Kali Linux. This book can assist you in recognizing the terminals and their basic commands. It also explains the detailed procedure of how to manipulate text to evaluate and adjust the OS software and files.

If you want to administer your networks in a streamlined manner, then you should consult this book. This book also shares in-depth knowledge of resource allocation, along with teaching a steady command of the start-up and stopping processes. This book gives information about the management of environmental variables to provide amenity and optimal performance. It also teaches the procedure for how to crack the access of Wi-Fi, as well as the operations of kernel drivers.

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Kali Linux Revealed

If you are looking for a description of how to perform a penetration test on your system, then Kali Linux Revealed would be a great recommendation for you. This book is more inclined towards the operating system of Kali, rather than hacking. Even if you are new to Linux, this book can assist you in gaining a more professional understanding of Kali Linux. This book is more inclined towards penetration testing for security, and it contains comprehensive knowledge about the installation of Durbin packages. It shares the complete process of troubleshooting and system security. It helps both in gaining command over the live system and in understanding the forensic model. This book allows you to practice using the main features of Kali Linux.

The book is mainly inclined towards penetration testing and provides the necessary information with regards to security and command of Linux. This book provides information about the operating system of Kali Linux. It also gives a crash course on the security of the system and explains the process for installing the system in the enterprise environment.

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Kali Linux Networking Scanning Cookbook

This book is entirely focused on the scanning techniques used in Kali Linux. It also needs some prior information and experience to gain a better understanding of this book, so it is probably not best for beginners. Its first chapter is directed towards the installation of various servers with the integrated assistance of Kali Linux tools. The book also details how to discover different layers using different tools. It explains the entire segment of scanning and layer discovery step-by-step so that users can grasp the essence of scanning in Kali. It also contains information about footprints, which is a very efficient tool while dealing with Linux. Further, the book also provides comprehensive knowledge about the vulnerabilities of scanning, along with the command of denial of services.

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Learn Kali Linux 2019

This book is for those who are interested in hacking in Kali Linux. It not only discusses the concept of penetration testing but also infuses the process, types, approaches, and phases of penetration testing. Along with other tools, this book emphasizes the creation of a virtual lab by setting up networking and installation of Nessus. It briefly explains the various tools in Kali Linux and their usage by their nature. By reading this book, users can gain a better grasp of the reconnaissance and footprints of Kali Linux.

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Mastering Kali Linux for Advanced Penetration Testing

This book is for people at the advanced level of using Kali Linux and is mostly suited for professionals. It covers the domain of testing methodology for penetration testing. It is all about the practical aspects of Linux, and therefore requires prior experience with Kali Linux. This book is under the category of hacking. It not only discusses the configuration but also helps in customizing Kali. This book can be regarded as the guide for the proper usage of Kali Linux tools at a very professional level. It teaches the correct usage of various tools, such as Nessus and Jexbox. This book should be referred to those who have a strong command over the basics of networking and penetration testing in Kali Linux. It is the second edition, so comparing this book with its first edition may help for a better understanding of penetration testing.

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Kali Linux Wireless Penetration Testing

This book explains penetration testing of wireless devices in Kali Linux. It can help you to develop your concept of the core functionality of wireless networking. You can learn about the connectivity of wireless networks by reading this book. It is a complete guide, from the requirements to the actual setup of wireless networking. The user will be able to interpret the insecurities of WLAN and its credibility in this book. It discusses all the important features of WLAN, from bypassing, authentication, and encryption to the attacks on WLAN. All the categories of attacking WLAN are discussed in this book. It also enhances understanding of WPS, probes, and WLAN penetration testing.

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Kali Linux Ethical Hacker’s Cookbook

This book shares many recipes of which practical implementation can bring you closer to understanding the security of Kali Linux. The book is mainly about hacking and its various features in correspondence with Kali Linux. It is a complete guide with the installation and configuration of the Kali Linux system included. Its primary emphasis is on the strategies of penetration testing by centering around tools like Jexbox and Burp. You can also learn about exploitation tools in this book. It is a good choice if you are looking for books based on hacking.

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Basic Security Testing with Kali Linux

This book serves multiple functions, as it is perfect for beginners, but it also provides useful information for the experts in the field. Its focus is on security, dealing with WLAN attacks, and the strengthening of password security. This book provides a useful overview of the practical implementation of password security testing. It also teaches the use of Metasploit and the exploitation of Windows. It is a great pick if you want to learn more about Wi-Fi attacks and password cracking through Kali Linux.

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Kali Linux 2: Windows Penetrating Testing

The focus of this book is on penetration testing for Windows and teaches you how to test your system’s security. This book not only helps to create a better understanding of your system, but it also enables you to audit its performance through Kali Linux. The book focuses on the functionality of footprints by giving you the chance to monitor your security, evaluating risk through penetration testing. This book also teaches you how to quickly highlighting the infestation and explains penetration testing with simply explained steps.

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Kali Linux Assuring Security by Penetration Testing

This book is focused on penetrating testing to enhance the credibility of operational security. It helps in utilizing the concept of practical aspects to configure networking using Kali Linux. It explains the implementation of various tools, like Nessus for scanning for vulnerabilities and Cisco for password cracking. One of the major components of this book is the subject of target scoping, along with information gathering. It also elaborates on the usage of various tools for target discovery and the implementation of fingerprinting. In addition, you can further expand your concept of TCP/IP protocols by reading this book.

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All the books listed above about Kali Linux share the same informational core, but your book selection should be based on your understanding of Kali Linux and your needs as a user. Some books focus on penetration testing, while others are more inclined towards digital forensics. So, it is important to select the right book, according to your level of understanding of Kali Linux, to effectively learn more about this useful OS.

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