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Best business laptop series for a smooth & secure work from home situation

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It is an interesting time to be alive when laptops have become the lifeline of businesses. And when a lot is at stake, your laptop needs to be dependable, like your life relied on it, especially when you don’t have an IT support team at your disposal. Since you will be hooking up to different networks, it needs to have inbuilt safety systems to keep your data safe. Most importantly, it needs to make perfect sense for its price. Oh, and it need to up your status quo for those times when you have to go out. Hence, when you are looking for the best business laptop in the market, these are some noteworthy points to keep in mind. Also Read – Best gaming laptops in India under Rs 80,000

This is where the HP EliteBook series jumps in to fulfill these requirements. HP has an immense line of laptops under this name that are tailor-made for businessmen to conduct their work in the easiest of ways. HP hits on all the key areas that a good business laptop needs to dominate in order to be worthy of earning a recommendation. Also Read – Best gaming laptops to play Valorant, PUBG and other competitive multiplayer games

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When it comes to security, most of us think of the usual software bugs and an antivirus software. In 2020, cybersecurity is much beyond that. As a businessperson, you need to ensure that your laptop is not only equipped to fight the outside threats, it also needs to defend you on a more personal level.

You may have often encountered people around you sneaking from your back while you are engrossed in your work. HP has a clever innovation to tackle this issue. The Sure View Gen3 integrated privacy screen greys out the display for your onlookers while reserving the content only for your eyes. Hence, your data stays safe from those prying eyes.

But that’s not all. Hackers can easily control your camera and microphone during video calls to gain access to sensitive data. With features such as Multi Factor Authenticate, HP ensures that the hacker has to go through a tough time and fail miserably while trying to take control of your laptop’s camera and mic. And, if a malware manages to find its way into your system, your HP EliteBook laptop will keep the core OS functions running without getting affected.

Design quality

While your laptop looks after your work, it needs to be robust enough to take care of itself. After all, you don’t want to carry your laptop wrapped in cloth while outdoors. It should have a design that’s durable and withstand rough use that busy life demands. HP’s EliteBook series leads the way with practical designs that can withstand these tough times. The robust designs of these laptops ensure that you can care for your work solely and be assured that your laptop will keep along with you.

Microsoft for Business

When it comes to security, privacy and collaboration, in addition to the best hardware, you also need efficient software that is built keeping these concerns in mind. Microsoft ensures the highest levels of security and convenience with Windows 10 Pro. The latest version of the OS lets you collaborate and operate with the external world in the safest, most efficient manner possible.

With Windows 10, you get the convenience of MS Office. Referred as the gold standard for managing work, the latest version of Office suite offers advanced features to collaborate for work online. You get advanced tools in Word, Excel and PowerPoint go along with your business in the easiest of ways. OneDrive lets you seamlessly share your files and data with others without compromising the security aspect. And if you want to conduct meetings with advanced features such as screen sharing for presentations and conference calls, there’s Teams from Microsoft at your disposal.

Servicing and financing

Given the tough times we are going through, buying a state-of-the-art business laptop shouldn’t burden your wallet. HP laptops offer a peace of mind when it comes to financing options. With a host of attractive and burdenless EMI options as well as several bank offers, owning an HP Elitebook laptop won’t affect your business expenses by a huge margin. After all, every Rupee saved during these times is a Rupee earned.

Moreover, with these laptops, you get great aftersales support from HP. If your laptop ends up having an unforeseen issue, then a good aftersales support will help you get along with your work quickly without creating hassles.

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