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Best Headpgone Splitter for PC – Linux Hint

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Sure, every once in a while, you want to spend time alone. Headphones jacked in and listening to your favorite music. However, sometimes you want to share your taste in music or movies with significant others. These are the times when the best headphone splitter for PC can really come in handy.

This handy little device comes in a variety of shapes, dimensions, and designs. For example, a dual headphone splitter will only allow two users to plug into the same audio out. On the other hand, a star splitter gets the job done for multiple users.

For this article, we’re reviewing the five best headphone splitters for PC, followed by a handy buyer’s guide. So, without wasting time, let’s dive in!

Search for the best Headphone splitter for PC

Headphone splitters are a popular gadget. But not all are suitable for PC. Here’s what you should include in your homework before heading out for a purchase.

Dual or Multi-Level splitter
Keep in mind how many headphones you may need to hook with the device. A dual splitter shares the audio with only two headphones. On the other hand, a multi or star splitter splits the sound among as many as five or six headphones. However, finding a good star splitter is like finding a needle in a haystack. Most of them reduce audio levels as you increase the number of headphones or earbuds connected to them.

A headphone or a headset
Do you need an adapter to connect two headphones, or do you need one with ports to connect a single headset with one jack for the headphone and another for the microphone? Some splitters work this way, but others only split audio among headphones (i.e., they don’t allow microphone use). Make sure you know what you really want from the device before putting your hands on it.

A headphone splitter is not explicitly built for mixing. However, some of these adapters can be utilized as a mixer. They allow you to mix audio, add fade-ins, and create your own music. Usually, it is written in the description of a product. If a product has nothing in the description, then it’s just a splitter.

Metal plating on the connectors
Quality splitters and adapters are either Gold or Nickle plated. People usually prefer Gold over Nickle. Nevertheless, both of these metals are great for maintaining a reliable connection and protect it against rust.

Double Shielding
This is yet another desirable feature, yet not an essential one. Double shielding improves the sound quality, especially when more than two inputs or outputs are involved. It reduces any sound interference and prevents audio distortion by avoiding signal loss.

Cord Length
The last thing to consider the lead size. People prefer shorter cords so that it doesn’t entangle with other cables. In contrast, others prefer a longer cord to have more freedom of movement. Your personal preference should dictate which category will suit your needs.

With that out of the way, let’s get to the reviews to find out the best headphone splitter for PC!

1. Syncwire Headphone Splitter

We’re starting off our reviews with Syncwire’s 3-way splitter. This passive dual prong splitter sits on the top spot because of its superlative sound quality and great price. And not just headphones, it works like a charm with microphones as well. Oh, and did we mention its extra length? More length means comfortable adjustments for two people.

The jack plugs are constructed with metal, not plastic. This is a big plus as they won’t snap over time. Moreover, the cords are braided. They’re soft and flexible, so they won’t crack with extensive use. At the split, there’s an equally well-made rubber toggle that protects the splitter from any damage. The male

But that’s not all. What makes it trump competitors is the consistent, uninterrupted sound and admirable stereo fidelity. During our trial run, we noticed no connectivity or static issues when using both ends. We did notice, however, that the male jack is small enough to fit even iPads.

The cable is small in profile, sturdy, and lightweight enough to fit into a bag. Therefore it’s great for traveling too. Overall, Synwire Headphone Splitter is an excellent value for the price and more!

Buy Here: Amazon

2. UGREEN Headphone Splitter

UGREEN Headphone Splitter is another dual output adapter. The price is the same as Syncwire’s splitter, and the quality is also just as top-notch. There’s one significant difference, though. It doesn’t support microphone usage.

On one end of the UGREEN headphone splitter is a male 3.5mm plug. You can attach it to any compatible stereo port, including smartphones, tablets, desktops, and other similar devices. The other end splits up into a Y-shape where each end has a female audio jack. You can then plug in the earbuds or headphones.

Plugs snap firmly in place. Maybe that’s why the sound quality feels great, almost on par with Apple headphones. The device has gold plated connectors and copper conductors, ensuring exceptional sound quality. We didn’t notice any difference when using this splitter and plugging headphones indirectly into the iPad. As for the wire, we couldn’t test it for durability, but it seems flexible enough to stand the regular wear and tear.

All in all, this is a basic yet quality splitter that comes at a very economical cost. There are no controls on it, though, so if you’re using fancier headphones, you will need to control from the device itself.

Buy Here: Amazon

3. Belkin RockStar Multi Headphone Audio Splitter

Belkin is an outstanding brand for gadget accessories, and this Headphone splitter tells you why. With this convenient little colorful device, you can split the source up to five audio outputs and still get the same crisp audio quality. But that’s not all!

This brilliant headphone splitter supports both in and out audio. What that means is, you can hook up multiple inputs and outputs to your computer’s docking station. Therefore, you can connect your PC and phone concurrently to the stereo setup. Isn’t that great?

As it’s a mixer, you and your friends can control the fade-ins from each hooked-up device and create your own music. Therefore, it becomes your best travel companion or a practical educational resource. Yes, it works great with all DVDs, MP3 players, and other portable media gadgets.

Although the device is made of plastic, it’s more durable than the Balkin’s 2-way splitter. Plus, it comes with an additional 2 feet long auxiliary cable, which comes in really handy. Overall, Belkin Rockstar 5-Jack Audio Headphone Splitter is a real Rockstar in performance, durability, and design.

Buy Here: Amazon

4. ENVEL Headset splitter

Do you want to Skype on a laptop through your phone? Sure, you can use a USB headset or Bluetooth, but why bother with configurations when this headset adapter kit can do the same in the blink of an eye? Just get an ENVEL headset splitter and get working!

This adapter works great with devices that require a single port for both input microphones and headphones, such as laptops, PCs, iPhones, etc. It features a male 3.5mm jack that splits out into two cables: one for the microphone and another for headphones. Plug the male end of this splitter to the PC port and attach microphones and headphones. Easy Peasy!

The adapter does not swap L/R audio, which is a great advantage. Audio quality from mic and headphone feels great too. That’s because the jacks snap securely in place and won’t budge out every now and then. The cord is made of braided fabric, which not only improves data transmission (sound quality) but is also more durable.

That said, the ENVEL Cable Headset Kit works great for hooking up Turtle beach headsets to PC. It’s small enough to be taken everywhere in your pocket, and the price is also very market competitive.

Buy Here: Amazon

5. KabelDirekt Pro Series Y Stereo Splitter

Another Y Stereo Splitter? Not really! This one comes from KabelDirekt Store’s Pro series, known for build and sound quality. It’s always better to pay a few more bucks to get the best headphone splitter for PC out there. It has excellent quality and appearance.

The matte charcoal color of the wire housing seems cool and gets easily concealed. The finishing on the metal connection ends is fairly elegant, one you don’t usually expect from headset splitters. Both male and female adapter connections are solid and smooth.

As for the sound quality, we noticed no static feedback in the background while moving the wires around. Besides, it adds no hiss or hum to the audio signal. The sound feels so smooth that sometimes you even forget it’s a splitter (unless, of course, you peek at the PC’s back).

Although the price is relatively high, you get the most out of this splitter thanks to a 36 months manufacturer’s warranty. This speaks volumes about the maker’s trust in their product. This is one headphone splitter that is sure to last for years to come.

Buy Here: Amazon

Final Thoughts

When looking for the best Headphone splitter for PC, have a clear picture in mind of what you need. All the products (except one) mentioned above are very similar to each other in structure. The only major difference comes down to aesthetics. Anyway, take a look at them all. We hope you find a suitable headphone splitter in no time. Thank you for reading!

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