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Best wireless earbuds under Rs 5,000?

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Just recently, the wireless earphone space started gaining more attraction. This might have pushed OnePlus to finally launch its first pair of true wireless earbuds. We have witnessed some really affordable TWS earphones from top brands like Xiaomi and Realme. By offering it under Rs 3,000 price segment, the companies have made TWS more accessible for those who desire to have earbuds that resemble Airpods and even have decent audio quality. Also Read – OnePlus 7 Pro, OnePlus 7 update add OnePlus Buds support, and more

The OnePlus Buds do cost close to Rs 5,000, but the features it offers makes for a good deal. The OnePlus Buds price in India is set at Rs 4,990, and we think this new pair of true wireless earbuds could be both an exciting as well as a non-interesting option for you. In the past, OnePlus has offered quite a few “value for money” wireless neckbands with good enough audio quality, excellent battery life, and some great features.

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The Chinese company has now tries to offer the best experience in the true wireless earbuds category at a reasonable price. However, not all Android users will be able to get the best experience of it if they don’t own a OnePlus phone. The product is more affordable in India than in a few global markets. If you have plans to buy OnePlus Buds, you should read our full review first.

Design, comfort

When you first look at the OnePlus Buds, it is a bit hard to not think about Apple Airpods. While anyone could mistake it for Airpods, the company has tried to differentiate the design, especially with CD-like pads on buds. It seems that the brand has also enlarged the tips in comparison to Airpods. The wireless earphones also have a very satisfying snap when they are put back in the case. The design of OnePlus Buds and matte finish case with flip-up hinge design gives a premium feel and will entice many to buy. The case is quite compact and very lightweight, which makes it easy to carry anywhere.

The charging case has a button, which helps pair the OnePlus Buds with the phone. There is also a Type-C port to charge the battery of the case. The company has added an LED on the front of the case, which is the battery indicator, and even turns white when in pairing mode. There is no support for wireless charging, which is fine considering the low price tag. OnePlus is selling the wireless earbuds in a completely new color, which is a bit hard to find in the market, making it unique. If you don’t like the bold blue color, you can go for the White or Gray color.

But before you make your buying decision, I would like to tell you that the OnePlus Buds doesn’t stay put with vigorous use. I used them during workouts and even went for a run and found them budging. I was a bit scared that they might just fall off the ear, which even happened once. When indoors or just walking around, I had no issues and the comfort level was good enough.

However, if you are traveling by a local train or bus, you will have to be very careful as it could fall off and loosing one earbud could cost you huge. But, there are 100 percent chances that these could be comfortable for others as a few of my family members found it comfortable. While there are thin silicone covers or tips with hooks for AirPods to feel more secure in the ear, OnePlus could also offer those in the future to fix the comfort issue for some. The OnePlus Buds are IPX4 rated, meaning they are water-resistant and can withstand sweat and water splashes.

Touch controls

I like the fact that the earbuds have sensors that can detect whenever they are taken out of the ear, which automatically pauses the music and resumes when you tuck in the ear. This is a great feature, which you will rarely find in wireless earphones under Rs 5,000 price segment. However, the non-OnePlus phone users won’t be able to play or pause music by tapping the earbuds. OnePlus has rolled out an update for all its phones, which lets you set touch controls as per your preference.

OnePlus Buds

There is no separate app for this or equalizer. You will be able to configure the double-tap gesture in the Bluetooth settings. But for non-OnePlus users, it will be a bit annoying that they won’t be able to skip back tracks or customize as per their preference. One thing that I noticed is that if you have changed gestures on OnePlus phone, then you can use the earbuds with the same controls with other Android phones too. This is funny as users only need to find a OnePlus phone user to change gestures.

It seems that the company wanted to keep things simple as you only get to configure double taps. There is no action if you triple or single-tap on the bud, unlike other TWS earbuds in the market. So, you only get to set two gestures at a time and not multiple. The touch panels are pretty sensitive to gestures and the earphone often registered my taps properly.

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Connectivity, extras

I would like to mention that lying sideways often turned off the earbuds, which is the case with some of the wireless earbuds out there. But, if you have connected the earphone to two phones and Bluetooth is on, then the OnePlus Buds will automatically shift to the previous device after you long-press one of the buds. We tried the OnePlus Buds across multiple devices and the experience was seamless, especially with OnePlus phones. In the Bluetooth settings section, you also get to check case and earbuds battery details upon connection, which is a nice addition.

One will also find the “Find device” feature in the same settings. As the name suggests, this will help you find OnePlus Buds if you happen to drop a Bud somewhere on the bed or nearby places. But, this won’t work if the connection is lost with the phone, and the sound is also a bit on a low level. So there are chances that you won’t be able to take benefit of this feature.

Sound quality

Unlike the OnePlus Bullets Wireless 2, the OnePlus Buds doesn’t come with support for advanced aptX codec, which might have made a slight difference in sound quality. But, the wireless earphones at least supports AAC Bluetooth codec. They come with 13.4mm dynamic drivers and offer a balanced audio experience. While you might not get a very thumping bass, it’s acceptable for its price. You will surely enjoy the overall sound experience and you won’t be disappointed using it for watching videos or playing games. Those who listen to pop music or Bollywood songs will like the new set of wireless earbuds, but metal or electronic listeners should look elsewhere.

The vocals sound crystal clear, and the earbuds offer little to no passive isolation, which is kind of expected from these types of buds. In order to save some money, it seems that OnePlus decided to not offer support for active noise cancellation, which would have blocked some external sounds. There is support for environmental noise cancellation, which seems to work just fine.

As far as call quality is concerned, the OnePlus Buds did a good enough job. The person on the other end of the call was able to hear my voice properly when speaking a bit loudly. But, there were a few complaints that the voice was not very crisp on an occasional basis.

Battery life

Battery life is one of the USPs of OnePlus Buds and the company is claiming that users will get 7 hours of battery life on a single charge and an additional 30 hours with the case. The OnePlus Buds offered us great battery life and it managed to last five and a half hours. With the case, the wireless earbuds managed to last 4-5 days. But this entirely depends on how heavy or casual is your usage. I used my OnePlus phone’s 30W charger to top up the case and it took around an hour to fully charge it from 0 to 100 percent. Do note that there is no support for wireless charging tech, which is fine.

OnePlus Buds: Should you buy it?

The OnePlus Buds price in India is set at Rs 4,990, and is a good buy for OnePlus phone users. It offers you a decent audio experience, great battery life, and a few exclusive features, making the experience much more seamless. However, the wireless earphones might not be a good fit for some people. If you are looking for wireless earphones with silicone tips for a better seal and in-ear fit, decent audio quality under Rs 2,000, then you should buy the OnePlus Bullets Wireless Z. These OnePlus wireless earbuds are available via Amazon.

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