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Bluetooth devices have a new security issue

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Bluetooth is a crucial part of our device usage these days. It helps you connect devices wirelessly and transfer data between two devices. But this week, a new worrying report from CNET suggests millions of Bluetooth-supported devices are vulnerable to attacks. The organisation behind the technology has talked about BLURtooth, which is a new vulnerability affecting devices. Also Read – OnePlus Nord gets new update to fix Bluetooth connectivity issue

Because of this issue, it says, attackers can access the security keys between two Bluetooth devices. And by doing that, they will be able to connect with any Bluetooth device in their vicinity. The issue was reported in the Cross-Transport Key Derivation (CTKD). This component is responsible for setting up authentication keys while pairing two devices. Also Read – Sony PlayStation 5 will offer Wi-Fi 6 and Bluetooth 5.1

Using this, devices can decide which Bluetooth standard they want to connect with. But because of BLURtooth, attackers can exploit the issue to take control of the CTKD. They can also overwrite the authentication keys to weaken the encryption between the devices. This way, attackers can not only push malicious data through Bluetooth to the targeted devices. They can also access the data made available through the transmission. Also Read – Xiaomi Mi eBook reader passes Bluetooth certifications

So, who’s affected by this new vulnerability. The report says all devices supporting Bluetooth 4.0 and 5.0 standard are in danger. While the 5.1 standard has a safety mechanism built-in to fight this vulnerability. The concerning part is, manufacturers are yet to inform the users about this issue. And because of this, a patch to fix the issue is yet to be rolled out. We’re hoping that is done by the OEMs right away.

Bluetooth connectivity issue hits OnePlus Nord

Many users have talked about issues with Bluetooth connectivity on the Nord. Apparently, the phone disconnects from paired device without any warning. They also mentioned the device is picking unstable connection. They have mentioned that connection with wireless headphone or another phone barely lasts for few minutes.

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Because of which, they are not able to listen to music or transfer file between devices. Thankfully, OnePlus rolled out a new update to fix the issue in quick time. The new update offers security patch for Android and fixes the Bluetooth pairing issue.

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