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Sunday, January 17, 2021

Call Of Duty Mobile Season 9 Update Might Release This Week

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Call of Duty Mobile teased a lot of fantastic content in the Season 9 test server, which made a lot of players excited for the next season. At first, players were expecting Season 9 to release on August 6. However, Call of Duty Mobile pushed back the Season 9 update release date a little further.

The developers confirmed on its official Reddit page that Season 9 Update would release in “Early-Mid August.” So, players can expect Season 9 to begin by the end of this week.

Also, the Season 8 Battle Pass is to expire in the next three days, that if it doesn’t get extended any further by Call of Duty Mobile. It means that the Season 9 update would release between August 13-15.

A lot of players are furious that Call of Duty Mobile didn’t release the Season 9 update last week. However, waiting a few more days for the update is entirely worth it, especially when you look at all the amazing content that’s about to arrive in the game.

Interestingly, the COD Mobile Season 9 is going to be as massive as the Season 7 update in terms of content. It is going to add four new locations in the ‘Isolated’ Battle Royale map while also making some changes in the BR intro. Other than that, it is going to revolutionize the weapon customization in mobile gaming by introducing ‘Gunsmith.’

In short, the Season 9 update will transform Call of Duty Mobile into Warzone, which is quite exciting.

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