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Can You Spot Deepfakes? This Quiz Can Tell You How

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Deepfakes are the newest buzz in the tech world, and their popularity is only increasing as the US elections are near. In simple words, a deepfake is an image, audio, or video created using artificial intelligence to manipulate what a person is saying or doing in the video, add fake audio, etc.

For example, someone could make a deepfake video of President Donal Trump saying he likes K Pop more than anything else.

Amid all this mess, a bigger problem is how we can spot deepfakes circulating all over the internet. While some are funny, harmless movie parodies, some contain misinformation and fake news that the unsuspecting users might easily believe.

Let alone the general users, it’s even hard for experts to label a particular media as a deepfake. Still, we should be aware of the red flags that a potential deepfake video could include. Speaking of which, Microsoft has released Spot The Deepfake quiz in partnership with UW Centre for an Informed Public, Sensity, and USA Today.

Spot The Deepfake quiz has a series of ten questions that cover various aspects of the deepfake technology and let you judge whether you can spot one. One area where deepfake videos struggle is the eyes; there could be a glitch around the eyes in a deepfake video.

The quiz also covers what consequences a false political video can bring if it ends up on social media. Also, if you think a particular media is a deepfake, the first thing you should do is compare it with other credible sources.

Its primary goal is to make the US citizens well-informed ahead of the 2020 elections, but anyone can take it to improve their knowledge about deepfakes. The quiz has come alongside the announcement of the Microsoft Video Authenticator, which is a new deepfake detection tool Microsoft has intended for the US elections.

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