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Civilization VI comes to Android; Here is all you need to know

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The Civilization series of PC games first released back in 1991 and has since been popular titles in the PC gaming scenario. However, the games did not really hit home with the Android mobile platform. The last Android game in the series was Civilization Revolution 2 in 2014. But that was a simplified version of the game and not quite the complete experience. However, Civilization VI has just arrived on Android, and as a complete rendition of its PC counterpart. Also Read – Civilization VI is the newest game free on the Epic Games Store

Civilization VI was launched back in 2016. However, that was just for PC, and since then, the game has been ported to the Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and the Nintendo Switch. Two years ago, Aspyr Media also brought the game to the iOS ecosystem. Now, thanks to publisher 2K, Aspyr will also be developing the game for Android. Also Read – Elon Musk calls AI the ‘biggest risk’ to civilization, and here’s why he could be right

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Civilization VI is a turn-based strategy game where players start their own empire, starting from a single city. They manage various units, collect resources, and make decisions on where to put them to use, be it building more infrastructure, settling multiple cities, or more. There are also other empires and a governing World Congress. Also Read – NASA, ISRO partner to inspect ‘Oldest Civilization’ site in Haryana

Apart from the base game itself, which is a complete package, Civilization VI also has two expansion packs named Rise and Fall ($30) and Gathering Storm ($40). Just like on PC, a number of other civilizations are available for purchase. In-app purchases also allow players to enjoy local multiplayer with other Android and iOS devices.

Civilization VI free trial

Just like the iOS version of the game, the Android version will feature a trial system. This will allow players to try the game before they spend their money and go ahead and purchase it. The free trial lets users open the game and try it for 60 turns. To play beyond you will have to purchase the game for $20 on the Google Play Store.

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