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Cyber Monday Online Courses( 90 % OFF)

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Cyber Monday Online Courses: Since cybercrimes are evolving day by day, organizations are looking for more cybersecurity professionals to defend sophisticated cyber attacks to protect their networks.

Enhance the advanced level skills in cybersecurity is a time-consuming process and challenging task to become skilled cybersecurity professional to play the various roles is an organization such as Ethical Hackers, Security researchers, Penetration tester, security engineer, SOC analyst and more.

To improve your cybersecurity skills into the next level, One of the worlds leading dedicated cybersecurity Training Platform “Ethical Hackers Academy” offering the world the best cybersecurity training courses with lifetime access courses with 90% offer for Cyber Monday Online Courses.

Course Accessibility Features:

  • All are Life Time access courses
  • HD video with Self-placed Training
  • In-depth Practical Training From World Class Experts
  • 24/7 live support
  • Dedicated Dashboard Access for Course and Labs
  • Watch the Videos in All Devices
  • Discuss the Doubts with Experts while learning
  • 100+ hours of Videos
  • Certificate of Completion

“Ethical Hackers Academy” offering so many best ethical hacking and cybersecurity courses in various categories such as Penetration Testing, Malware Analysis, web hacking, Bug Bounty, Android Hacking, Network hacking, GDPR, forensic analysis and more.

Here the Top 10 best Cyber Monday Online Courses special collections with 90% offer.

1. Mastery Web Hacking and Penetration Testing Complete Bundle

Cyber Monday Online Courses

With this Master level bundle course, you will get the 5 different course-related web hacking, penetration testing, and bug bounty.

You will learn the OWASP TOP 10 vulnerabilities in-depth with the detailed attack scenario with this advanced web hacking and penetration testing bundle.

The course starts from the information gathering phase followed by Discovering, Exploiting & Mitigation various vulnerabilities and posts exploitation.

2. Master Level All in one Bundle Course to Become a Cyber Security Expert – 10 Courses

Cyber Monday Online Courses

Cyber Security Master’s Program bundle is one of the best bundle in Ethical Hackers Academy that begins with a basic level of training and then progress to the advanced level of technologies, the course transforms your skills and it encompasses a very broad area.

In Cyber Monday Online Courses, This master level bundle covers almost every phase in cybersecurity and enhances your skill in all the possible area’s in cybersecurity with a live time access course.

List of Courses in this Bundle:

3. Learn Malware Analysis – Advanced Malware Analyst Bundle

Cyber Monday Online Courses

Do you want to become a Malware analyst, Here the best Advanced Malware Analyst Bundle course from Ethical Hackers Academy.

The bundle course teaches you the best malware analysis skills to understand and break down the malware, spyware, rootkit, ransomware, adware, crypto-malware, RAT and how it affects other windows, Mac, and Android platform.

So learning malware analysis helps to prevent such advanced attacks in your organization and playing a great role in Security Operation Centre.

4. Most Advanced Cyber Security Bundle – 5 Courses

Cyber Monday Online Courses

This bundle designed with all the top-rated master level course that including, Master level Python Hacking, master level ethical hacking, SOC analyst course, advanced web hacking and advanced android hacking.

” Cybersecurity is a fascinating domain where you are in the forefront to build defenses and secure your network from external threats. Professionals in this domain are from different backgrounds, but the mere interest in cybersecurity is what drives them towards these careers.

5. Master in Bug Bounty Bundle Program

Cyber Monday Online Courses

By taking the Master Level BUG Bounty bundle program, You will be able to find the deadliest bugs in many websites, organizations and software developers to prevent malicious hackers to exploit the system, application or website.

Also, you will get the countless rewards from the respective vendors via hackerone, Bugcrowd.

Bug bounty programs have been implemented by a large number of organizations, including Mozilla, Facebook, Yahoo!, Google, Reddit, Square,and Microsoft.

In October month, Bugcrowd paid out $1.6 million to over 550 hackers. The highest amount of $40,000 paid to single hackers.

The following 3-course bundle courses with 20 hours of in-depth Training Videos:

6. Advanced Android Hacking- Mastering Metasploit- Mastering the Security of IoT – Complete Bundle

Cyber Monday Online Courses

The Master bundle covers the Advanced Android Hacking, Mastering Metasploit & Mastering the Security of IoT courses.

Android devices are highly targeted utility by cybercriminals due to the over-popularity with less security. malware is spreading via malicious apps that cause various serious damages such as financial theft. This course will teach you the complete Android hacking and penetration testing methods to secure Android devices.

Cyber attackers are now mainly targeting IoT devices and finding the vulnerabilities in IoT devices and patch the bugs will protect the millions of IoT devices those deployed in home, office, car, and other areas.

Below is the description section, you can complete the Cyber Monday Online Courses details.

7. Mastering in Python Programming For Hacking From Scratch

Cyber Monday Online Courses

Master in Ethical Python program brings the specific goal, the goal is usually to hack into a certain system, so we’ll start by learning how this system work, the weaknesses of this system, and then you’ll learn how to write a python program to exploit these weaknesses and hack the system.

This Advanced python course one of the best programing language courses in ethical hacking and also it is #1 programming language used by most of the blackhat hackers and cybercriminals.

Python is Now World’s most used Coding Language By Hackers to create Cyber Weapons such as advanced hacking tools.

You can visit the complete Syllabus before enrolling the course – Python for hacking Course Syllabus

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8. SOC Analyst – Cyber Attack Intrusion Training | From Scratch

Cyber Monday Online Courses

IN this SOC course, You will learn about the real-world cyber-attacks and investigating on attacks with the help of a network packet and device log.

There is a huge demand for SOC Analyst (L1) and Sr SOC Analyst (L2) in Security Operation Center. The analyst works on the SIEM tool for monitoring and analysis of the cyber attack.

  • We are providing training on Technology (Real world Cyber Attacks) + Tool (SIEM) 
  • You will learn the tool on which most of the cybersecurity professionals are working. 
  • You will learn the technology on which cybersecurity works and step followed by professionals to stop and prevent attacks in real time. 
  • You will face the real challenge faced by professionals in their job responsibilities. 
  • You will be able to answer the complicated interview question from our training. 
  • You will work as same as a professional are working and will increase your confidence in cracking any cybersecurity interview. 
  • Lifetime access to the training on your device (Mobile, Laptop, Tablet etc.). 
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9. Master in Ethical Hacking and Advanced Web Hacking Bundle – 2 Courses

If you’re looking for enhancing your skills in advanced-level web hacking and master level Ethical hacking, This Bundle course is one of the best program with 30 + hours of in-depth training.

This course assumes you have no prior knowledge in hacking and by the end of it, you’ll be able to hack systems like black-hat hackers and secure them like security experts!

10.CompTIA Security+ SY0-501 – Complete Certification Training Course

Cyber Monday Online Courses

CompTIA Security+ course that available in Ethical Hackers Academy completely focused to clear the SY0-501 exam with an updated syllabus.

This course covered with the complete syllabus of the latest version and exam that contains 90 questions and that needs to be answered in 90 minutes, the question format covers multiple-choice and performance-based questions that are slightly hard to complete.

Complete this collection of three CompTIA Certification course to prep for the many well-designed certification exam–a crucial step towards starting an IT career.

The training course for the SY0-051 examination comes with sections that cover:

  • Threats, Attacks, and Vulnerabilities
  • Tools and Technologies
  • Architecture and Design
  • Identity and Access Management
  • Risk Management
  • Cryptography and PKI
  • Acing the Exam
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