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Thursday, January 28, 2021

Dr Disrespect may do Among Us stream with PewDiePie

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Social deduction-cum-murder mystery game Among Us seems to have found someone famous in the gaming fraternity who wants to give the game a shot: Dr Disrespect. The game streamer and esports personality has decided to hold an Among Us stream and invited PewDiePie, another well-known face in the gaming community, as per a report by GameRant.
Dr Disrespect aka The Doc returned to streaming after being banned for some months on Twitch. During a recent stream, he mentioned that he may play Among Us with PewDiePie next week. He has never played the game before and is possibly playing because his viewers have been repeatedly asking him whether he has played the game or not. He thought for some moments before saying that he would play with PewDiePie next week. The Doc, however, usually plays shooters most of the time and him trying his hands on Among Us would be a new experience.
Among Us has got quite popular in recent times, with the game ending up as the most downloaded mobile game on both Android and iOS platforms despite being two-years-old. Recently, an Among Us Twitch stream by US politician Alexandra Ocasio Cortez garnered a lot of views with a viewer count of 4,35,000, as per a report by Polygon. The stream reached among the top five most-seen individual streams in the history of Twitch.

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