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Friday, January 22, 2021

E-bikes and cardio: everything you need to know about staying fit on an e-bike

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Cycling is having a moment in 2020. Interest in road cycles and mountain bikes is higher than ever, with major companies reporting month-long backlogs on bikes. And it’s not surprising – with travel effectively canceled until at least 2021, more and more buyers are turning to their own roads and backyards for entertainment. Fortunately for bike manufacturers, 2020’s ‘safer at home’ mentality coincides perfectly with the rise of affordable and consumer-focused e-bikes.

E-bikes are essentially traditional bicycles with electric motors. The e-bike trend is a few years behind the electric car trend, which truly took off with Tesla’s introduction into the consumer car market around 2013.

Since then, more and more consumers have decided eco-friendly travel is a priority, opting for e-bikes for commuting and errands. In the mountains, buyers are realizing that e-bikes can take the pain out of uphill mountain bike climbs and make the rides more fun.

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But athletes who cycle for the cardio or workout benefits are still likely to sneer their noses at e-bikes, often seen as ‘cheating’ in the minds of traditional cyclists and mountain bikers. Unfortunately for those old-guard cyclists, that ableist mindset is anything but correct. With the proper knowledge and technique, nearly anyone can get a fantastic workout on an e-bike at any ability level. Here’s how.

How do e-bikes work?

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