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Monday, January 18, 2021

Facebook AR glasses may offer superhearing

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Social media giant Facebook has been working on its AR glasses for quite some time now. The company aims to compete with the likes of Apple and Google to offer some new AR experiences to consumers. Since the initial reports regarding the Facebook AR glasses, we have not heard much about the product. However, things have taken a turn as the company shared some information around its much-anticipated product. According to the information available, the upcoming product may come with advanced audio technology. Let’s check out the information around the Facebook AR glasses here including the design of the current prototype. Also Read – Facebook to “restrict or remove” your content to keep itself safe from regulations

Facebook AR glasses information out; details

According to the members of the Facebook Reality Labs Research audio team, the company plans to add advanced audio tech. Two technologies that will likely play a key role in shaping the experience of the glasses include “Perceptual Superpower” and “Audio Presence”. The first one will allow users to dim background noise and focus on a certain sound in the environment. This means that users can listen to anyone sitting across a noisy room. AR glasses will use multiple built-in microphones to power this technology. The product will also take your head and eye movements to check which sound you want to focus on. As per a report from Engadget, it is likely that this feature is aimed at consumers with hearing issues. Also Read – How to schedule a post on Facebook: Step-by-step guide

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Talking about the second technology, Facebook AR glasses will re-create how sound travels and bounces in the real world. This feature will be especially helpful for AR and VR experiences. The report also noted that this will make the audio coming from the glasses more realistic and natural. Also Read – iOS 14 update to mess up Facebook’s online advertising on iPhones, says Facebook Inc

Researchers are currently working on the technology so that the experience is more uniform for users with different ear shapes and more. Facebook also shared two videos highlighting both the technologies in the upcoming product. You can check the “Perceptual Superpower” and “Audio Presence” videos in the links to check how they may work. Finally, the company also shared images with the design of the current prototype of the AR glasses.

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