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FAU-G vs PUBG Mobile India: 5 key differences

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One of the most anticipated questions in the gaming industry today is, when will FAU-G and PUBG Mobile India launch? While both games are being teased every other day, the launch date of FAU-G and PUBG Mobile India is yet to be revealed. PUBG Corporation has announced to relaunch PUBG Mobile as PUBG Mobile India very soon. However, the Indian government is yet to approve the relaunch of the game. Also Read – FAU-G pre-registration is now up on Google Play, screenshot reveals weapon and skin

The company has announced that the Indian version of the game will be tailored as per the requirements of players and concerns raised by the government. Ahead of the release of PUBG Mobile India, the FAU-G game is up for pre-registration on Google Play Store. This hints that the action game can be available any day. Also Read – PUBG Mobile India launch soon: 5 recent developments

A lot has been revealed about both games by the respective developers. While the FAU-G game is being compared with PUBG Mobile India, the two games are going to be very different from another. Let’s take a quick look at the five differences that we are going to see between the two games. Also Read – PUBG Mobile India does not have permission to restart in India yet, confirms Government of India

How is FAU-G different from PUBG Mobile India

1) FAU-G is an action game: While everyone is comparing FAU-G to PUBG Mobile India, the two games are going to be very different from one another. FAU-G is an action game while PUBG Mobile India is going to a battle royale game just like its global version. The company, on various occasions, has said that FAU-G is not a competitor to PUBG Mobile.

2) Episodes based on real incidents: The company has revealed that the first episode of FAU-G will be based on the Galwan Valley episode. This means, unlike PUBG Mobile, this one will be based on real incidents. The company previously revealed a glimpse of the first episode which showed the Indian army at the Galwan Valley border. No details have been revealed about the weapons to be used in the game.

3) Made in India: Despite changing the name to PUBG Mobile India, the game is not particularly made in India. This is a modified version of the original game developed by South Korea-based PUBG Corporation. In FAU-G’s case, this is a made in India, for India game and developed by Bengaluru based nCore Games.

4) This one is a new game: FAU-G is a new game with a fresh take. The PUBG Mobile India is a tailored version of the original PUBG Mobile game. The new Indian version of the game will come with features best suited to Indian players.

5) Players’ data will be secure: At the time of announcing the return of PUBG Mobile, the company announced that privacy and security of players’ data will be the two most important aspects of the game. PUBG’s parent company KRAFTON recently signed a deal with Microsoft Azure to have it host PUBG games. This partnership suggests that PUBG Corporation is working towards reducing Chinese connection for which the game was banned by the government. In FAU-G’s case, the privacy of players’ information will never be an issue as they will be stored within the country.

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