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Flipkart quiz November 23, 2020: Get answer to these questions to win gifts, coupons and Flipkart Super coins

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Flipkart quiz is now live on the Flipkart mobile app. The quiz starts daily at 12am and continues till 12pm. As part of the quiz, participants get a chance to win gifts, discount coupons and Flipkart Super Coins. To become eligible for the prize, one must answer all questions of the quiz correctly.
Flipkart daily trivia comprises of five questions based on general knowledge.
Here are five questions of today’s quiz along with their respective answers that can help you win gifts and discount vouchers.

  1. In Hindu mythology, who is the son of God Indra?
  2. Which vegetarian restaurant chain was founded by P. Rajagopala in 1981?
    Saravana Bhavan
  3. To which country does the UNESCO World Heritage Site of ‘Terracotta Army’ belong?
  4. Which popular dish uses basil seeds as its main ingredient?
  5. Apart from Germany, which country’s government is headed by a Chancellor?

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