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Friday, January 22, 2021

Fortnite players can get game from Samsung’s Galaxy Store

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Apple and Google recently removed popular Battle Royale game Fortnite from their respective app stores. While users can no longer find Fortnite on Google Play Store or the Apple App Store, Samsung Galaxy smartphone users still have a way to download the multiplayer shooting title on their phones. Also Read – Apple unwilling to make exceptions for Fortnite, could revoke its App Store account

Samsung is allowing Galaxy series smartphones to download Fortnite from the Samsung Galaxy Store App instead of the Google Play Store. The Play Store alternative is present on all Samsung Galaxy smartphones by default. Now, Samsung has found a good reason to make users, or at least Fortnite fans choose the Galaxy Store over the Play Store. Also Read – OnePlus, LG allegedly blocked by Google to pre-load Fortnite launcher on their phones

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Apple, Google’s breakup with Fortnite

Tech giants Apple and Google banned Fortnite from their app markets recently. The decision was taken after Epic Games violated the store guidelines for both iOS and Android ecosystems. The game is still online but players won’t be able to download new updates in the coming weeks. Epic Games has currently sued both Apple and Google for holding a monopoly over their app stores. Also Read – Fortnite banned by Apple, Google: Epic Games files lawsuit against both

The move comes after Epic Games introduced its own payment system in the game. Epic has long been protesting the 30 percent commission on purchases made via the official app stores. In order to bypass the extra cost, the company brought forward its own payment system for purchasing in-game items. However, it violated the Google Play and App Store guidelines, resulting in the removal of the game from the store.

As a result, Epic Games won’t be able to push updates to Fortnite via these app stores. On Android, an Epic Games launcher is available for players to sideload the updates. However, players on iPhones and iPads won’t be able to get the new updates. Those who wish to re-install the game won’t be able to do so via the app stores. Hence, Android users will have to rely on the Epic Games launcher while iPhone users need to wait for the case to conclude.

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