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Saturday, January 16, 2021

Google discontinues paid Chrome extensions

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NEW DELHI: Tech giant Google has announced that it is discontinuing paid Chrome extensions. This means that the developers who are looking to monetize their extensions will not be able to do so on the Chrome Web Store payments. Earlier, this year also Google temporarily suspended the paid extensions and now it has made it a permanent change.
Google has also shared a timeline of the phasing out of paid Chrome extensions. The company also added that it will also disable the free trials by later this year.
The company also said that the developers using Chrome Web Store payments to charge for their extensions or in-app purchases will now have to migrate to other payment platforms in the near future. In an official post the company said, “If you use Chrome Web Store payments to charge for your extension or in-app purchases, you’ll need to migrate to another payments processor in the near future. If you use the licensing API to keep track of who has paid, you’ll need to implement another way of tracking user licenses.”
Google mentions that starting February 1,2021, the existing items and in-app purchases will no longer charge money with Chrome Web Store payments. Google also added, “After payments is disabled, you can still use the Licensing API to determine if users are currently licensed. However, this is also deprecated and will be shut down at some point, so you should begin migrating your license tracking to a different implementation.”
Recently, it was reported that Google might have discontinued the 2017’s Pixelbook. According to a report by The Verge, the tech giant has not specifically stated about discontinuing the product but the Pixelbook has gone out of stock and Google is asking users to focus their attention on the new Pixelbook Go Chromebook. The 2017 Pixelbook will, nevertheless, keep receiving Chrome OS updates. As to when it would be restocked on the Google Store, the tech giant hasn’t given out any confirmation in regards to the same.

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