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Saturday, January 16, 2021

Google Duo finally makes it easy to switch off the camera

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Google Duo, after an update in 2019, simply made it difficult to turn off the camera during a video call. While in all video calling interfaces, there’s always a toggle option to switch off the camera whenever you want to, Google Duo surprisingly omitted it. Now, Google is said to be bringing it back.
Google has also confirmed the same through a Twitter post which now showcases that Google Duo has a video toggle on/on button right on the screen itself. However, Google is said to be gradually rolling it out to most devices.
The video toggle on/off feature is a basic privacy tool without which users had to cover the camera lens with their fingers. Thankfully, Google considers that it is a good decision to get it back.
Meanwhile, Google rolled out a new update to the web version of the Google Duo platform that will allow its users to to make a conference call with up to 32 participants. In order to make use of the new feature, all users need to do is to click on the “create group link button” and sign in with their Google account on Google Duo website.
Duo has also received a new update that adds the screen sharing functionality. The screen sharing, for now, would be possible only in one-on-one conversations and only on the Android platform.
Google already has a screen-sharing feature on Google Meet but with a support for 250 members in a group call, it is generally used for business and work purposes. Google has made available the Google Meet app for smartphones. If you have to connect via your laptop or workstation, you need to first go to your Gmail account to access Google Meet and then add people from there.

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