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Friday, January 22, 2021

google: Google Search is getting these new features

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Tech giant Google, in its efforts to refine the options on its search engine, has announced some new features, as per a report by 9To5Google.
One of the new Search features has been merging of two related search queries and then displaying a more relevant result. For example, if a user has searched for the word “turkey” or any other turkey-related word and then “carving”, the new search algorithm would associate both and then offer you a new search option of “carving turkey”, thus amalgamating the two search queries to form a new one. Google has labeled these search options as “Suggested based on your recent activity”.
The other feature is showing search results related and more similar to a search query. For example, in the case of trying to figure out a perfect family-friendly flick to watch, Google will display a list of similar films to help make up your mind faster.
Google may also augment the “People also ask” section with more questions based on the related searches.
Google previously rolled out new AI features to help refine Search further. The new AI tools were implemented to improve spelling recognition, passage recognition, understanding the subtopics of certain topics, understanding key moments in video etc.
The search engine giant added a new spelling algorithm to improve the search engine’s understanding of misspelled words and hence, reduce the mistakes. As per Google, the spelling algorithm uses a “deep neural net” to improve its recognition of wrong spellings and also find the right results within a span of 3 miliseconds. The California-based software giant claims that the new AI spelling update “ makes a greater improvement to spelling than all of our improvements over the last five years.”

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