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Wednesday, January 27, 2021

google: Google to link Nest Audio speakers with Chromecast streaming devices: Report – Latest News

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San Francisco: Google is working on integrating its Chromecast streaming devices and Nest Audio speakers.

A report pointing to such integration circulated recently and now Google has confirmed to The Wall Street Journal that it is working on such solution.

Chromecast and Nest, or older Google Home, devices already have a link, allowing a user to control Chromecast with voice from Google Assistant device – but the future functionality looks to be more useful.

In future, with a couple of Nest Audio speakers, one can boost the sound from a TV substantially, with the limitation that it will only work when a user is streaming content from Chromecast.

Currently, there is no mention of when Google plans to release this feature, but the report has confirmed with the company that it’s coming at some point in the future.

It’s also unclear if this feature will come to Google’s other smart devices like the Nest Hub Max and the older Chromecast streaming sticks.

Meanwhile, Apple and Amazon already offer the ability to link smart speakers to streaming boxes.

Apple lets customers link both HomePods and HomePod mini speakers to the Apple TV and Amazon lets customers both use their Echo devices to control their Fire TVs and to output audio.

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