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Tuesday, January 19, 2021

Google is making a special Android security team to keep sensitive app safe

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Google is gearing up to create a new cybersecurity team to find bugs and vulnerabilities in “highly sensitive” Android apps on Google Play, as per a report by ZDNet. Google is hiring for the same at Mountain View and as part of the job role, Google says, “As a Security Engineering Manager in Android Security, you’ll be protecting these people by leading a team that investigates and solves problems in vulnerability analysis.”
This team “perform application security assessments against highly sensitive, third party Android apps on Google Play, working to identify vulnerabilities and provide remediation guidance to impacted application developers.”
Sensitive apps will include apps like COVID-19 contact tracing, elections and other important apps. The team is said to complete the work independent security researchers are doing through the Google Play Security Reward Program (GPSRP), as per the report by ZDNet.
It will also work with other Android security teams, particularly those teams that work on app scanning and Google Play operations, to find new and creative ways to reduce the occurrence of Android application vulnerabilities at scale. You’ll face a wide variety of code quality issues, and work towards detecting flaws both obvious and highly discrete, as per the job listing.
The role would be that of a security engineering manager and requires five years of experience in Android code-level security auditing or Android system security and managing a team of security engineering professionals for a distributed organisation.

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