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Monday, January 25, 2021

Google Pay gets redesigned, can manage your finances better

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Google has completely redesigned its digital payment app Google Pay for both iOS as well as Android users in the United States. The tech giant said that the Google Pay app has been redesigned keeping in mind “your relationships with people and businesses” and to help “you save money and give you insights into your spending.” Also Read – Google Maps introduces new features related to Covid-19 for Android and iOS

The old Google Pay app shows your bank card details and also recent transactions on the homepage itself. The new app not only handles transactions but also allows you to keep a check on your daily expenditure. The new Google Pay app also behaves a lot like a messaging tool alongside begin a digital payment platform. Also Read – YouTube introduces audio ads, currently in beta

The redesigned Google Pay app allows you to see people or contacts you exchange money with most often. You will now be able to click on a contact to see details of past transactions in the form of chat-like bubbles. In the same chat box, you will get options to pay, request money, or split a bill. Also Read – New Google Pay with branded debit card to launch tonight: What’s coming up?

Google Pay also gets a group chat feature wherein you will be able to see who all in a group has contributed to a split bill and who hasn’t. This feature works more or less like splitwise, a bill splitting and money management app, and allows you to identify contacts who try to get away with not paying for a group outing.

One of the most interesting features that Google Pay brings to the platform is the new financial management system. Basically, if a user connects his/her bank card to the app they will be able to see the spending trends and insights and understand whether their expenditure is high for the particular month. Google Pay will also alert you if you are spending too much on shopping or dinner or pizzas. This will help you cut down on these extra expenses in the following months.

The company has also developed a few built-in safety features like alerting you when you are sending money to the wrong person. It also offers a set of privacy controls to customize your overall digital payment experience. Additionally, Google Pay will also show you all your recent activities as well as provide quick access to rewards cards and offers.

As far as privacy is concerned, Google claims that it “will never sell your data to third parties or share your transaction history with the rest of Google for targeting ads.”

The tech giant has confirmed that the changes in Google Pay will start rolling out today on Android and iOS in the US followed by other regions in the months to come.

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