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Google rolls out new update to Saved tab in Maps; here’s what’s new

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Technology giant Google has started rolling out a new update to the Saved tab in Google Maps. For those unaware, the Saved tab in Google Maps lets you save and manage all the places you’re interested in, from must-try restaurants nearby to far-flung places for the bucket list.
The update brings three basic benefits to the users. They will now be able to see an organized list of saved places at the top of Saved tabs. The feature will come handy when an individual has saved a place in Maps already, but can’t remember what the name of the place was or what list it was saved to. This Recently saved tab will offer a quick find to the place one is looking for, said the company in a blog post.
Another feature being added to the Saved tab in Google Maps is the ability to see nearby saved places depending on one’s location. “When you have a lot of saved places in your current area, it can be challenging to quickly figure out which is which and where to go. When location permission is enabled, you can see all your nearby saved places sorted by distance and arranged in a carousel for easy browsing to make your next decision a breeze” the blog post reads.
Further, users will be able to see the timeline of the places he/she has been and also the routes taken. In the coming future, Google Maps users will be able to see places organised by time, city, region or event country they visited.

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