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Thursday, January 21, 2021

Google will automatically delete Drive files in Trash folder after 30 days

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If you are not in the habit of keeping track of the trash folder in your Drive account then make sure you do. Google has announced that it will automatically delete all files put in the Bin after 30 days. Earlier, trash files were saved forever unless you went to the Bin folder and deleted them permanently. This allowed users to easily recover files. This will come to effect starting October 13.
“As this policy takes effect, we will show a banner to users with details of the change. The policy change will take effect regardless of whether a user sees or acknowledges the banner. We will be showing in-app notifications in Drive starting today and in our Editors products (e.g., Google Docs and Google Forms) starting September 29,” said Google in an official blog post.
For G Suite users, admins can still restore items deleted from a user’s trash for up to 25 days for active users. “Retention policies set by admins in Google Vault are not affected by this change, unless they become obsolete as they are now redundant. Learn more about retention rules for Drive,” clarified Google.
These changes affect items that are trashed from any device and any platform as long as they are on the same Google account. Files deleted via Drive File Stream will be deleted forever from the system trash after 30 days. “There is no impact to Backup and Sync behavior. Files in shared drives trash are already automatically deleted after 30 days. Items in trash will still continue to consume quota,” it added.

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