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Saturday, January 16, 2021

Hand sanitiser apps are a reality and you should not take them seriously

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As weird as it may sound, virtual hand sanitiser apps have flooded Google Play store during the COVID-19 pandemic. Of course, no smartphone comes with a feature to dispense sanitiser ‘virtually’ to kill viruses but the entire existence of these apps are bizarre. Some of these apps claim it works as an alarm to remind you to use a sanitiser throughout the day to keep your hands clean while most of them are simply made for fun and to prank people.
It goes without saying that virtual hand sanitiser apps are not the real deal and no mobile phone comes with any feature that can replace an alcohol-based hand sanitiser. So, if someone is telling you otherwise be sure that you are being pranked.
Interestingly, an app named ‘Virtual Hand Sanitizer’ has over one lakh download and essentially mimics smell, flavour and colour of hand sanitisers. It makes it feel that people can pump some sanitiser with just a press of a button on their mobiles. Thankfully, the app is marked in the entertainment category implying that it is just for fun. However, if you go through the comment section you will be surprised to see serious comments thanking the app maker to come up with a digital solution to replace hand sanitizer dispensers and the fact that people don’t have to carry bottles of sanitiser separately. These comments are just to fool people into believing that it’s the real deal.
While it may be fun to prank people and you may not take these apps seriously, the developers are making some money by showing you ads.

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