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Monday, January 25, 2021

How a trademark issue may impact Sony’s big plans in India

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When it comes to phones, Sony may not win a popularity contest in India but there are other categories where the Japanese brand remains the preferred choice for many. This is especially true for gaming consoles as Sony PlayStation is quite popular amongst gamers. Sony has already announced its big plans for its next-generation console PlayStation 5 but might face an issue in India.
According to a report by Android Central, the issue at hand is related to a trademark. The report — which cites The Mako Reactor as the source — says that Sony doesn’t own the PS5 trademark in the country. The Mako Reactor report further reveals that the PS5 trademark belongs to Hitesh Aswani from New Delhi, who had filed trademark application in October 2019.
Sony, on the other hand, had filed an application for the trademark in February 2020. Interestingly, both Sony and Aswani’s trademark application has been categorised as opposed. As per the Mako Reactor report, this happens when a similar trademark has been published in the Trade Marks Journal. Other reason could be if the trademark is allegedly non-distinctive.
Sony had earlier announced that PS5 will be made available in several countries on November 12. However, India wasn’t expected to be in the first launch wave but in the second wave scheduled for November 19, which too was dependent on certain conditions.
Now with a trademark ‘issue’ that might crop up, the Sony PlayStation 5 availability may be further delayed in India. Sony PlayStation 5 is expected to lock horns with the Microsoft Xbox latest console scheduled to launch this year as well.

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