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Saturday, January 16, 2021

How Can You Run Windows XP On iPhone 7 Without Jailbreak, Watch This Video

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Short Bytes: In a YouTube video, the Hacking Jules team showed Windows XP running on an Apple iPhone 7. This was done with the help of emulator installed on the device using XCode. The method doesn’t require jailbreaking the iPhone and one can’t think of using it as a regular operating system.

Can you run Windows XP on an iPhone 7? Yes, you can. Although, you won’t be able to use it as a regular operating system, but you can do it without jailbreaking the iPhone.

Hacking Jules demonstrated their iPhone 7 running Windows XP. It is done using an emulator called iBox (sideloaded via XCode) which is used to get things working. But you can’t expect this Windows XP do anything special. The emulator drinks most of the hardware juice. And setting up Windows XP on the iPhone 7 is a complex task.

You can check out the project’s GitHub page.

Do you have any Windows XP machine? Drop your thoughts and feedback.

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