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How to access calendar, notes and task from any Google service

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Google keeps on adding new features for its users especially for GSuite and among all other features. The most notable is the ability to access calendar details, notes and tasks right from any Google service including Gmail, Docs, Sheets, etc without switching the tab or opening a separate app.

The feature works like a side widget or sidebar where users can simply choose any one option to open and access all the information from there.

Here’s how to use the feature.
But before proceeding with the steps, do note that this is a GSuite feature and might vary from organisation to organisation.


Open Gmail, Google Docs, Sheets, etc and log in using GSuite Google account


Now, look for an arrow on the bottom right side of the page


This will expand a sidebar with calendar, Keep and tasks logo


To access the calendar, click on the Calendar icon. It will open the entire calendar linked to that particular account.


Similarly, click on the other two options to access them.

You can also create a new event, take notes, or add a new task right from the sidebar.

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