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How to check all the photos, videos shared with an individual

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WhatsApp is one of the most used messaging apps in India. Also, everyone has a lot of groups on WhatsApp and the amount of photos, videos, links, or files that shared is hard to keep a track of. Yes, you can check the photos and videos in your Gallery and other files in the downloads. But, what if you want everything in one place and you don’t want to hop on different apps for searching any anything. Also Read – Facebook launches a webpage to highlight WhatsApp security bugs

Well, WhatsApp lets you check everything shared on the massaging app itself. However, if you might have deleted the file or photos from the phone, then you won’t find it on the messaging app. The good thing is you also get a search option for both documents and links. For media, you will have to scroll and manually find the photo, which is quite obvious. Also Read – WhatsApp to bring in new UI, Vacation Mode, and other new features

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I liked the fact that WhatsApp lets you find any photo in the chat as well as your phone’s Gallery. So, you don’t need to manually search for them in the Gallery or chat. You also get the option to delete the media, but that will only happen for you and not for the sender. WhatsApp lets you delete any message within one hour and after that, you cannot remove for the person on the other end. Read on to know more about how to check shared links, files, or photos with an individual on WhatsApp. Also Read – WhatsApp: How to send trending and fun stickers to friends

WhatsApp: How to check all the files shared with an individual

Step 1: Open the WhatsApp app on your Android phone and tap on the individual’s chat.

Step 2: Visit the person’s profile.

Step 3: You will then witness “Media, Links, and docs,” written below the name of the person. It even shows how many files, photos, or videos you have sent to the individual. You just need to press that label and the app will show everything that you have shared.

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