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How to video call 49 people on Google Meet

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Video calls are now an integral part of our lives to stay connected with family members, friends and work. As more and more people find it comfortable to interact online, it has become quite common for a large group of people to interact on a call and such calls are even more engaging when you can see almost everyone who is attending it. Keeping this in mind, Google recently rolled out the support to view up to 49 people at the same time on Google Meet, its video conferencing tool.

This support, however, is disabled by default and you will have to manually enable it. If you are wondering how to do that, here are the steps:


Open Google Meet through apps.google.com/meet/


Click on ‘Join a meeting’ or ‘Start a meeting’ as per your requirement


Once inside the meeting room, look for three horizontal dots on the bottom right corner of the screen and click on it


Click on ‘Change layout’


Among the four options that you see, click on the ‘Tiled’ layout


From the bottom, drag the slider to the extreme right to set the number of tiles to 49

Now you will be able to see 49 people on your screen at the same time. Readers must note that this feature is only available in Meet on the web. By default, the maximum number of tiles you’ll see in auto layouts is 9, and in tiled layouts is 16.

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