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Tuesday, January 26, 2021

Hummer EV to run on Fortnite’s Unreal Engine, reveals Epic

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Epic Games has been in the news off late for all the wrong reasons. Its Fortnite was pulled off from Apple and Google’s app stores due to Epic breaching the guidelines. However, that has not deterred Epic to venture into other businesses. In fact, the publisher is now working to use its popular game engine for running the next generation Hummer electric vehicle (EV). Also Read – Epic Games to stop “Sign-in with Apple” logging from September 11

The video game developer has announced that its Unreal Engine will power the Hummer EV from General Motors. The vehicle will use a Human Machine Interface (HMI) based on Epic’s Unreal Engine. Epic says that the Unreal Engine already has technologies to help design such interfaces for next-generation electric vehicles. Also Read – Apple removes Epic Games account and all its apps from App Store

“Today, we’re proud to officially announce our human-machine interface initiative, combining new partnerships and workflows to enable the creation of automotive HMI, infotainment, and digital cockpit experiences. Our dedicated HMI team is committed to this effort and we are continually adding new features to benefit all manufacturers,” says Epic Games. Also Read – Fortnite banned by Apple, Google: Epic Games files lawsuit against both

Hummer EV to use Unreal Engine interface

Epic will rollout the HMI interface for more automotive brands in the next few years. Throughout 2021, Epic will continue to create new partnerships with the various auto manufactures to implement its HMI system into more cars. The demo video shown off by Epic demonstrates the various possibilities in the system.

The interface itself offers lots of downloadable content. Users will be able to customize the interface elements to make for a more intuitive experience. The interface will let the user keep a tab on vehicle statistics with 3D and colorful graphics. Epic is also working on integration with Blackberry and QNX systems. The HMI interface will also include integrated navigation systems with the Mapbox.

The Hummer EV will be the first vehicle to use the Unreal Engine system for its in-car system. General Motors has already teased the Hummer EV to feature certain unique features exploiting the electrical advancements. The vehicle features a unique system wherein it can drive sideways – just like a crab.

Epic Games to stop “Sign-in with Apple” logging from September 11

Epic has not given out information about the technology involved. Additionally, the version of Unreal Engine is unknown. Given that version 4 is the current one in use, the HMI system could be entirely based on the same engine that runs Fortnite, Valorant, and Final Fantasy VII Remake.

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