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Infinix Snokor iRocker Earbuds Review; Check price, features

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With every brand jumping into the true wireless sound game, it was only a matter of time before budget-oriented smartphone brands started getting into this market as well. Today we review the Snokor iRocker earbuds, which are designed by Infinix, a brand making affordable smartphones around the Rs 10,000 mark. Also Read – Realme Buds Q Review: Setting the bar high for budget true wireless earbuds

The Inifinix Snokor iRocker, meanwhile, costs Rs 1,499, posing as equivalent budget options for people who want to enter the true wireless game without spending too much. However, even at the price of Rs 1,499, the buds face tough competition from the likes of the Xiaomi Redmi Earbuds S and the Realme Buds Q. We’ve been using the brand’s first truly wireless earbuds for over a week now and here’s what we think about them. Also Read – Redmi Earbuds S Review: Xiaomi’s budget true wireless earbuds does not surprise

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True wireless audio products in this segment will not be giving you super-high-end features, advanced codec support, and noise cancellation. Instead what makes a pair of budget earbuds good is the sound, the reliability, and the design. While we’ll talk about the other elements later, it is the design of the Snokor iRocker that gave us mixed feelings. Also Read – Lenovo HT10 Pro review: A boon for bassheads and purists

The earbuds feature a sturdy plastic design and are lightweight. They also feel sturdy enough, considering the price bracket. There are silicone ear tips and changeable sizes. The shape of the earbuds aren’t completely original, yet feel fresh amidst a sea of clones. There are buttons on each bud that are very tactile, yet don’t need to be pushed in too hard to register a press. This allows you to control your playback without pushing the earbuds into your canal with each press.

However, the case of the earbuds is where we have an issue. The grooves for the earbuds are pretty well shaped but do not have enough of a groove to pull out the earbuds easily. You will get used to this over time, but we still feel a better design could have been put to use. That being said the glossy case of the Snokor iRocker earbuds is otherwise great. It is sizeable to hold in enough battery life and has a sturdy build. Even the lid snaps back into place nicely, albeit with a slight shakiness to it when shut. There is a micro-USB port on the back for charging.

Features, Battery life

We cannot establish how important it is for brands to implement a pair of good old-fashioned buttons on the buds over sub-par touch controls that only hamper the user experience. Controls are also pretty solid on the Snokor iRockers. A single press to play/pause, a double press for the next song, and a triple for the previous. The simple experience brings in reliability and not having to worry about whether your triple-tap registered as a double-tap, or if it registered at all!

There is also Bluetooth 5.0, support for Google Assistant via a long press on either end and quick pairing when you open the lid on the case. IPX4 water resistance means the buds are good to go against accidental splashes and sweat. Call quality on the Snokor iRocker earbuds was pretty average and good enough for calls only if you’re in a quiet surrounding. With traffic or other noise around, people on the other ended reported lots of disturbances.

Coming to battery life, Infinix claims up to 20 hours of playback time on a full charge including the buds and the case. Our testing found similar levels of battery figures, with the buds lasting for about 3-4 hours on their own on moderate to heavy use across music, calls, and gaming.

Audio performance

Despite the design, big battery life figures, and fancy gesture support, what makes or breaks a pair of wireless earbuds at any price-point is the sound quality. Here, the Infinix Snokor iRocker earbuds exceeded our expectations. The soundstage is wide and output is pretty balanced, not over-emphasizing on bass over treble like most products in this segment do. There are 6mm drivers in here, but the sound output does not feel shallow at all. Instrument separation isn’t all that great, but the bass manages to sound crisp. Simply put, these are some great earbuds for the price, when it comes to the sheer sound quality.

However, we did experience latency issues while playing games like PUBG Mobile where the latency seemed fine on the right earbud, but not so much on the left, effectively creating an echo-like sound experience where the audio output of the left and right earbuds were separated by a fraction of a second. We must mention that this only happened a few times and not consistently in our testing.


The Infinix Snokor iRocker is a decent first entry for a brand like Inifinix that has been focusing solely on the smartphone market so far. The earbuds provide great sound when it comes to simple music playback and features a decent build and efficient usability thanks to the excellent buttons on the buds.

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They still come with cons expected in this segment like poor call quality and average latency. However, the buds end up being one of the reliable options at this price point. They are by no means the best in the segment. Options like the Realme Buds Q that cost Rs 500 more bring AAC codec support and customizable touch gestures to the party. However, if a low budget is a very strict factor, and all you’re looking for is a consistent performing, entry-level true wireless earbuds that sound good, then the Snokor iRocker is a worthy option to consider.

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