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iPhone Monitoring Tool to Monitor Your Targeted Mobile Activities Remotely

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Have you ever wished to keep a tab on your child if you are a concerned parent or a Tech lead to make sure the official iOS device is used properly and for office use only?

We know this is not possible using any default application on the iOS platform, we can’t ask Apple for it. As they can’t have an OS that allows you to monitor system-level information due to the security reason.

In spite of all this, we have something to be happy as we can use a third party application which will help you to monitor phone activities. In this article am going to share one of the best such service called as FoneMonitor Application.

FoneMonitor is a reliable iPhone monitoring tool with simple operation and powerful spy features to track iPhone, iPad or other iOS devices. Using this application you can monitor the device without jailbreaking or installing any application.


Setting up the FoneMonitor is easy, just access it on the different browser at any time or place, but make sure you have a network connection.

Installation process

First, you have to create a FoneMonitor account for yourself which will be used to check the activities of the mounted device.

You can either access the fonemonitor.com site or download the application and register for your account.

Once created you need to complete the Setup process, where it required to fill in the phone number that you want to monitor.

Core Functions

Text Messages & Calls & Contacts

Using this application you will have the option to view the message or iMessage on the monitored device, including name, number, content, and attachments.


Users also have the option to spy on social application activities like WhatsApp, Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram, Skype, Tinder, Kik, Telegram, Hike, IMO, Line, Vine. Most benefit will be for parents who can read and see what their child is chatting or posting and be sharing online.


With FoneMonitor you can monitor all installed apps, access to the downloaded photos and videos from them on an iPhone and iPad as you want.

Browser History

Track all the web pages the user has visited recently and associated data, such as page title and time of the visit.

Multimedia Data

Find all downloaded images, graphics object animation sequences, audio, and video on the target IOS devices.

Notes & Events

Additionally, you will also have access to Monitor Memos, Reminders and calendar activities ensure sensibly.

In conclusion, FoneMonitor is best and safe iPhone monitoring software application to Monitor your targeted mobile activities remotely.

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