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Manoj learnt English just before starting engg – Latest News

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Manojkumar Parmar was barely ten when he first saw an oil well and the mammoth machinery of ONGC, where his father, a mechanical engineer, worked. That encounter with technology left a mighty impression. He then grew curious about computers. “Initially, I was keen to play games. But soon I wanted to know all about the device and its functioning. I first tried my hand at MS-DOS-based BASIC programming when I was 12,” says Manoj, who is today senior innovation expert at Robert Bosch Engineering and Business Solutions in Bengaluru. The 34-year-old recently bagged the Zinnov Award in the technical role model category.

Manoj grew up in Ahmedabad. His parents believed children developed best if they communicated in their mother tongue. So it was Gujarati at home and school. “I even wrote my class 12 exam in Gujarati,” says Manoj. English was alien to him; he barely knew how to read, write or converse in the language. But before starting his electronics and communication engineering course at the Institute of Technology in Nirma University, he did a three-month course in English so that he could blend in with the rest of his class.

During campus placement in 2007, Manoj bagged three job offers and chose to go with Nvidia Graphics in Bengaluru. “Nvidia was my dream company then. The role was in the very large-scale integration (VLSI) domain, something I was interested in,” says Manoj.

But then came the 2008 global financial crisis, and the division Manoj worked for wound up. His dream run came to a shocking halt. Ironically, only two months earlier he had been promoted.

But even as the Nvidia door closed, the Bosch door opened. From hardware and VLSI, he had to switch to writing software for embedded control systems, mainly for engines. Today, Manoj works on next-gen technologies like fog computing, edge computing, quantum computing, and nature-inspired computing. He also focuses on interdisciplinary topics in AI. “My role entails scouting for new technologies and ideas at the intersection of computing themes and business needs and systematically maturing them to create new products and services,” he says. A career peak that stands out for him is leading the early-stage product engineering of the Bharat Stage 6-compliant two-wheeler electronic fuel injection system.

Manoj’s LinkedIn profile shows he’s constantly learning. He’s done a number of technology and management certificate programmes, online and offline, from global institutions. No wonder he’s a technical role model!

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