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Monday, January 18, 2021

Microsoft announces new features to Microsoft Teams

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Microsoft has introduced a new Tasks app in Teams to provide a unified task view across Microsoft platforms li…Read More

Technology giant Microsoft has introduced new features to the its collaboration tool Microsoft teams. In a blog post recently, the company said that it is releasing features that will help users automate their workflow, ideate on digital whiteboards more easily and help improve readability while browsing the web.
Microsoft has introduced a new Tasks app in Teams to provide a unified task view across Microsoft platforms like Microsoft To Do, Planner and Outlook. Users will no longer require to flip between places to see them all. The feature will help consolidate and prioritize tasks along with the new List view that allows one to edit multiple tasks at once.
It has also added new actions to Power Automate in Teams. This will enable users to streamline the workflow. Using the new “create a team” action, one can spin up a new team as part of business process. One can also use @mentions in flows to make sure important messages reach the intended recipient.
Microsoft has also added two new trigger to Power Automate. Using the “for a selected message action” trigger, an individual can now create customized message actions to initiate critical business processes directly from a message. Additionally, when a team member is removed from a team, specific actions can be set in motion—like notifying the team owner. The tech giant has also created a webpage with list of apps for Microsoft Teams that can help improve collaboration and productivity. Microsoft has added a ‘Visio as a tab’ in Teams to allow users to access content in a dedicated space within a channel or in a chat.
The tech company has also added new feature to Whiteboard in Teams. Users can now add sticky notes to a canvas. They can also move or re-order objects on the canvas through simple drag and drop gesture.
To improve readability in Microosft Edge browser, Microsoft has introduced Picture dictionary. It has also added Collections that allows one to export to OneNote. “When you send to OneNote, all your collected content retains its formatting, so you get visual links and all your notes organized neatly”, read the blog post.

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